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Schools: Local authority name Barking and Dagenham

This is Barking and Dagenham in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 301
Local authority name: Barking and Dagenham
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
101185 Cambell Junior School Closed
101186 The James Cambell Primary School Closed
101187 Dorothy Barley Junior School and Special Needs Base (MLD) Closed
101188 Dorothy Barley Infants' School Open
101189 Eastbury Primary School Closed
101190 Gascoigne Junior School Closed
101191 Gascoigne Infants' School Closed
101192 Manor Junior School Open
101193 Manor Infants' School/Manor Longbridge Open
101194 Monteagle Junior School Closed
101195 Monteagle Infants' School Closed
101196 Northbury Primary School Open
101197 Northbury Infants' School Closed
101198 Ripple Primary School Open
101199 Ripple Infants' School Closed
101200 Thames View Infants' School Closed
101201 William Bellamy Infant School Closed
101202 Beam Primary School Open
101203 Furze Infants' School Open
101204 Godwin Junior School Closed
101205 Godwin Infants' School Closed
101206 Grafton Primary School Open
101207 Grafton Infants' School Closed
101208 Hunters Hall Junior School Closed
101209 Hunters Hall Infants' School Closed
101210 Marks Gate Infants' School Open
101211 Marsh Green Primary School Open
101212 Rush Green Primary School Open
101213 Rush Green Infants' School Closed
101214 Southwood Junior School Closed
101215 Southwood Infants' School Closed
101216 The Leys Primary School Open
101217 Richard Alibon Junior School Closed
101218 Richard Alibon Infants' School Closed
101219 Warren Junior School Open
101220 Thomas Arnold Primary School Open
101221 Valence Junior School Closed
101222 Valence Primary School Open
101223 Village Infants' School Open
101224 Marks Gate Junior School Open
101225 Thames View Junior School Closed
101226 William Bellamy Primary School Open
101227 Parsloes Primary School Open
101228 Five Elms Primary School Open
101229 Henry Green Primary School Open
101230 Roding Primary School Open
101231 Becontree Primary School Open
101232 John Perry Primary School Open
101233 St Margarets CofE Primary School Closed
101234 William Ford CofE Primary School Open
101235 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Open
101236 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Open
101237 St Peter's Catholic Primary School Open
101238 The St Teresa Catholic Primary School Open
101239 St Vincent's Catholic Primary School Open
101240 The Warren Comprehensive School Closed
101241 Barking Abbey School, A Specialist Sports and Humanities College Open
101242 Dagenham Park Community School Closed
101243 Eastbrook School Open
101244 Eastbury Community School Open
101245 Robert Clack School Open
101246 The Sydney Russell School Closed
101247 All Saints Catholic School and Technology College Open
101248 Faircross School Closed
101249 Bentry School Closed
101250 Castle School Closed
126713 Roding Junior School Closed
126714 Roding Infant School Closed
126715 John Perry Junior School Closed
126716 John Perry Infants' School Closed
126717 Thomas Arnold Infant Closed
126718 The St Teresa RC Primary School Closed
126719 Erkenwald School Closed
126720 Mayesbrook School Closed
126721 Parsloes Manor School Closed
126722 Bishop Ward School Closed
126723 Sacred Heart School Closed
126724 Covenant School Closed
126725 The Cedar School Closed
130340 Monteagle Primary School Open
130357 Richard Alibon Primary School with ARP for Cognitive and Learning Difficulties : SEN Base Open
130919 Godwin Primary School Open
131102 Trinity School Open
131775 Gascoigne Primary School Open
131844 Hunters Hall Primary School Open
131845 Southwood Primary School Open
132816 Barking and Dagenham Tuition Service Open
133561 Jo Richardson Community School Open
134388 Hopewell School (Harmony House) Open
136028 Dagenham Park CofE School Open
136431 George Carey Church of England Primary School Open
136746 Lady Aisha Academy Open
136940 Barking Riverside School Closed
138684 Thames View Infants' School Open
139791 Riverside School Open
140687 Dorothy Barley Junior Academy Open
140945 Elutec Open
140962 Goresbrook School Open
141178 The Warren School Open
141651 Thames View Junior School Open