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Schools: Local authority name Barnet

This is Barnet in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 302
Local authority name: Barnet
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
101251 Brookhill Nursery School Open
101252 Hampden Way Nursery School Open
101253 Moss Hall Nursery School Open
101254 St Margaret's Nursery School Open
101255 Pavilion Study Centre Open
101256 The Park PRU Closed
101257 Parkfield Primary School Closed
101258 Barnfield Primary School Open
101259 Bell Lane Primary School Open
101260 Broadfields Junior School Closed
101261 Broadfields Infant School Closed
101262 Brookland Junior School Open
101263 Brookland Infant and Nursery School Open
101264 Brunswick Park Primary and Nursery School Open
101265 Childs Hill School Open
101266 Church Hill School Open
101267 Clitterhouse Junior School Closed
101268 Clitterhouse Infant School Closed
101269 Colindale Primary School Open
101270 Coppetts Wood Primary School Open
101271 Courtland School Open
101272 Cromer Road Primary School Open
101273 Deansbrook Junior School Closed
101274 Deansbrook Infant School Open
101275 Dollis Infant School Open
101276 Edgware Junior School Closed
101277 Edgware Primary School Open
101278 Fairway Primary School and Children's Centre Open
101279 Foulds School Open
101280 Frith Manor Primary School Open
101281 Garden Suburb Junior School Open
101282 Garden Suburb Infant School Open
101283 Goldbeaters Primary School Open
101284 Grasvenor Avenue Infant School Closed
101285 Hollickwood Primary School Open
101286 Holly Park Primary School Open
101287 Hyde Junior School Closed
101288 The Hyde Infants' School Closed
101289 Livingstone Primary and Nursery School Open
101290 Manorside Primary School Open
101291 Martin Junior School Closed
101292 Martin Infant School Closed
101293 Monkfrith Primary School Open
101294 Moss Hall Junior School Open
101295 Moss Hall Infant School Open
101296 Northside Primary School Open
101297 Summerside Primary School Open, but proposed to close
101298 Woodridge Primary School Open
101299 Tudor Primary School Open
101300 Underhill Junior School Closed
101301 Underhill School Open
101302 Wessex Gardens Junior School Closed
101303 Wessex Gardens Infant School Closed
101304 Whitings Hill Primary School Open
101305 Woodcroft Junior School Closed
101306 Woodcroft Infant School Closed
101307 Barnet Hill Junior Mixed Infant and Nursery School Closed
101308 Grahame Park Junior School Closed
101309 Chalgrove Primary School Open
101310 Grahame Park Infant School Closed
101311 Sunnyfields Primary School Open
101312 Queenswell Infant & Nursery School Open
101313 Queenswell Junior School Open
101314 Danegrove Primary School Open
101315 All Saints' CofE Primary School NW2 Open
101316 Christ Church Primary School Open
101317 Holy Trinity CofE Primary School Open
101318 Monken Hadley CofE Primary School Open
101319 St John's CofE Junior Mixed and Infant School Open
101320 St John's CofE Infant School Closed
101321 St John's CofE Primary School Open
101322 St Mary's CofE Junior School Closed
101323 St Mary's CofE Primary School Open
101324 St Mary's CofE Primary School, East Barnet Open
101325 St Paul's CofE Primary School N11 Open
101326 St Paul's CofE Primary School NW7 Open
101327 St Andrew's CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School, Totteridge Open
101328 Trent CofE Primary School Open
101329 All Saints' CofE Primary School N20 Open
101330 The Annunciation Catholic Infant School Open
101331 Our Lady of Lourdes RC School Open
101332 St Agnes RC School Open
101333 St Catherine's RC School Open
101334 St Vincent's Catholic Primary School Open
101335 St Theresa's Catholic Primary School Open
101336 St Joseph's RC Infant School Closed
101337 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Open
101338 Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School Open
101339 Blessed Dominic Catholic Primary School Open
101340 Rosh Pinah Primary School Open
101341 Menorah Primary School Open
101342 The Annunciation RC Junior School Open
101343 Independent Jewish Day School Closed
101344 The Edgware School Closed
101345 Friern Barnet School Open
101346 The Ravenscroft School A Technology College Closed
101347 Whitefield School Closed
101348 Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School Closed
101349 Copthall School Closed
101350 Christ's College Finchley Closed