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Schools: Local authority name Bath and North East Somerset

This is Bath and North East Somerset in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 800
Local authority name: Bath and North East Somerset
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
108997 Oldfield Park Infant School Closed
108998 Fosseway Junior School Closed
108999 Fosseway Infant School Closed
109000 Moorlands Junior School Closed
109001 Moorlands Infant School Closed
109002 Newbridge Junior School Closed
109003 Parkside Infant School Closed
109004 Southdown Junior School Closed
109005 Roundhill Primary School Open
109006 Oldfield Park Junior School Closed
109007 Twerton Infant School Open
109008 Widcombe Infant School Closed
109060 Bathampton Primary School Open
109061 Bishop Sutton Primary School Open
109062 Chew Magna Primary School Open
109063 Clutton Primary School Closed
109064 Keynsham Primary School Closed
109065 Chandag Junior School Closed
109066 Paulton Infant School Open
109067 Peasedown St John Primary School Closed
109068 Pensford Primary School Open
109069 Radstock Infant School Closed
109070 Stanton Drew Primary School Open
109071 Welton Primary School Closed
109072 Westfield Primary School Open
109073 Whitchurch Primary School Open
109075 Temple Primary School Closed
109079 Chandag Infant School Closed
109080 Midsomer Norton Primary School Open, but proposed to close
109081 Castle Primary School Open
109089 Paulton Junior School Open
109107 Longvernal Primary School Closed
109151 St Swithin's CofE Infant School Closed
109152 St Philip's CofE Primary School Closed
109153 St Saviour's CofE Junior School Open
109154 St Saviour's CofE Infant School Open
109155 St Michael's CofE Junior School Open
109156 Newbridge St John's Church of England VC Infants' School Closed
109184 Batheaston CofE Primary School Open
109185 Bathford CofE VC Primary School Open
109186 Cameley CofE VC Primary School Open
109187 Camerton Church School Open
109188 Clandown CofE Primary School Closed
109190 East Harptree Church of England VC Primary School Open
109191 Farmborough Church of England VC Primary School Open
109192 Farrington Gurney Church of England Primary School Closed
109195 Freshford Church of England Primary School Open
109196 High Littleton CofE VC Primary School Closed
109197 St John's Church of England Primary School Closed
109199 Marksbury CofE Primary School Closed
109204 St Nicholas CofE Infant School Closed
109205 Saltford CofE Primary School Closed
109206 Swainswick CofE Primary School Open
109208 St Mary's CofE Primary School Open
109209 Ubley Church of England Primary School Open
109210 St Julian's Church School Open
109212 St Mary's Church of England Primary School Open
109213 St Nicholas CofE Junior School Closed
109227 Weston All Saints CofE Primary School Closed
109230 Combe Down CofE Primary School Closed
109236 Shoscombe Church School Open
109256 Bathwick St Mary Church of England Primary School Open
109257 St Andrew's CofE Primary School Open
109258 St Stephen's CofE Primary School Open
109259 Widcombe CofE Junior School Closed
109260 St John's Catholic Primary School Open
109261 St Mary's Catholic Primary School Open
109270 Chew Stoke CofE VA Primary School Closed
109271 St John's CofE Primary School Closed
109292 Hayesfield Girls School Closed
109293 Culverhay School Closed
109301 Norton Hill School Closed
109303 Writhlington School Closed
109304 Broadlands School Closed
109305 Ralph Allen School Closed
109306 Chew Valley School Open
109307 Somervale School Closed
109311 Wellsway School Closed
109328 St Mark's CofE School Open
109329 Saint Gregory's Catholic College Open
109332 Beechen Cliff School Closed
109333 Oldfield School Closed
109346 Kingswood School Open
109347 Prior Park College Open
109348 Royal High School GDST Open
109349 Kingswood Preparatory School Open
109350 The Paragon School, Junior School of Prior Park College Open
109351 The Park School Closed
109352 Warleigh School Closed
109359 Sacred Heart Preparatory School Closed
109360 Monkton Senior School Open
109373 Bath High School Closed
109374 King Edward's School Open
109377 Victory School Closed
109379 Monkton Prep School Open
109381 The New Small School Closed
109395 Summerfield School Closed
109396 Royal United Hospital School Closed
109397 Wansdyke School Closed
109398 Lime Grove Special School Closed