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Schools: Local authority name Bedford

This is Bedford in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 822
Local authority name: Bedford
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
109413 Cherry Trees Nursery School Open
109416 Southway Nursery School Open
109417 Peter Pan Nursery School Open
109432 Livingstone Primary School Open
109433 Edith Cavell Lower School Open
109434 Goldington Green Lower School Closed
109435 Castle Newnham School Open
109436 Priory Lower School Open
109437 Queen's Park Lower School Closed
109442 Cople Lower School Open
109443 Eileen Wade Lower School Open
109446 Cotton End Primary School Open
109448 Elstow School Closed
109451 Pinchmill Primary School Open
109454 Great Barford Lower School Closed
109455 Harrold Lower School Closed
109461 Bedford Road Lower School Open
109462 Camestone Lower School Open
109463 Kempston Rural Lower School Open
109464 Balliol Lower School Open
109474 Oakley Lower School Closed
109478 Sharnbrook John Gibbard Lower School Closed
109483 Broadmead Lower School Open
109486 Thurleigh Lower School Open
109489 Turvey Lower School Open
109491 Willington Lower School Open
109492 Wilstead Lower School Open
109494 Wootton Lower School Open
109496 Putnoe Primary School Closed
109498 Shortstown Primary School Closed
109502 King's Oak Primary School Open
109503 Brickhill Lower School Open
109506 Hazeldene School Open
109510 The Hills Lower School Closed
109512 Scott Lower School Open
109514 Springfield Lower School Open
109526 Shackleton Primary School Closed
109590 Kymbrook Lower School Open
109597 Ursula Taylor VC Lower School Closed
109603 Renhold VC Lower School Open
109610 Carlton VC Lower School Open
109611 Bromham CofE Primary School Open
109613 Milton Ernest VC Lower School Open
109614 St James' Church of England VA Lower School Open
109622 Christopher Reeves CofE VA Lower School Open
109623 Ravensden CofE VA Lower School Open
109624 Riseley CofE Lower School Open
109625 Roxton VA (CofE) Lower School Open
109627 Wilden CofE VA Lower School Open
109628 St Lawrence VA CofE Lower School Open
109629 St Joseph's RC Lower School Closed
109632 St John Rigby RC VA Lower School Closed
109642 Goldington Middle School Closed
109649 Harrold Priory Middle School Closed
109653 Marston Vale Middle School Closed
109654 Abbey Middle School Closed
109657 Margaret Beaufort Middle School and Arts College Closed
109660 Robert Bruce Middle School Closed
109661 Castle Newnham School Open
109665 Hastingsbury Business & Enterprise College Closed
109666 Westfield School Open
109672 John Bunyan School Closed
109674 Mark Rutherford School Closed
109679 Daubeney Middle School Closed
109688 Woodside Middle School Closed
109690 Biddenham International School and Sports College Open
109692 Beauchamp Middle School Open, but proposed to close
109693 Harrowden Middle School Closed
109696 St Gregory's Catholic Middle School Closed
109697 Alban VA Church of England Middle School Closed
109698 St Thomas More Catholic School Closed
109706 Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College Closed
109708 Lincroft Middle School Closed
109710 Wootton Upper School Closed
109715 Pilgrims Pre-Preparatory School Open
109716 Bedford High School Closed
109717 Rushmoor School Open
109718 Bedford School Open
109720 Polam School Open
109721 St Andrew's School Open
109727 Bedford Girls' School Open
109728 Bedford Modern School Open
109735 Grange School Closed
109738 St John's School Closed
109742 Ridgeway School Open
130326 Cauldwell School Closed
134032 Greys Education Centre Closed
135374 Lakeview School Open
135987 Oracle Open
135990 Cambian Walnut Tree Lodge School Open
135996 Great Denham Primary School Open
136085 Bedford Academy Open
136122 KWS Educational Services Open
136470 Sharnbrook Academy Open
136471 Lincroft Middle School Open
136472 Harrold Priory Middle School Open
136475 Margaret Beaufort Middle School Open
136550 Alban Church of England Academy Open
136552 Goldington Academy Open
136660 Queen's Park Academy Open