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Schools: Local authority name Birmingham

This is Birmingham in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 330
Local authority name: Birmingham
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
103120 Bordesley Green East Nursery School Open
103121 Brearley Nursery School Open
103122 Garretts Green Nursery School Open
103123 Perry Beeches Nursery School Open
103124 St Thomas Centre Nursery School Open
103125 Highfield Nursery School Open
103126 Marsh Hill Nursery School Open
103127 West Heath Nursery School Open
103128 Goodway Nursery School Open
103129 Kings Norton Nursery School Open
103130 Allens Croft Nursery School Open
103131 Rubery Nursery School Open
103132 Washwood Heath Nursery School Open
103133 Weoley Castle Nursery School Open
103134 Highters Heath Nursery School Open
103135 Gracelands Nursery School Open
103136 Jakeman Nursery School Open
103137 Lillian de Lissa Nursery School Open
103138 Bloomsbury Nursery School Open
103139 Featherstone Nursery School Open
103140 Adderley Nursery School Open
103141 Newtown Nursery School Open
103142 Shenley Fields Nursery School Open
103143 Thamestower Nursery School Closed
103144 Castle Vale Nursery School Open
103145 Osborne Nursery School Open
103146 City of Birmingham School Open
103147 The Tuition Service Closed
103148 Focus College Closed
103149 Selly Oak Nursery School Closed
103150 Edith Cadbury Nursery School Open
103151 Acocks Green Junior School Closed
103152 Acocks Green Infant and Nursery School Closed
103153 Bordesley Village Primary School Closed
103154 Prince Albert Junior and Infant School Closed
103155 Alston Junior School Closed
103156 Alston Infant School Closed
103157 Shaw Hill Primary School Open
103158 Anglesey Infant School Closed
103159 Adderley Primary School Open
103160 Audley Junior School Closed
103161 Audley Infant School Closed
103162 Barford Primary School Open
103163 Beeches Junior School Open
103164 Beeches Infant School Open
103165 The Oaks Primary School Open
103166 Billesley Junior School Closed
103167 Billesley Infant School Closed
103168 Birches Green Junior School Open
103169 Birches Green Infant School Open
103170 Blakenhale Junior School Closed
103171 Blakenhale Infant School Closed
103172 Bordesley Green Primary School Open
103173 Matthew Boulton Community Primary School Closed
103174 Bromford Infant School Closed
103175 Brookfields Primary School Open
103176 Brownmead Junior and Infant School Closed
103177 Canterbury Cross Primary School Closed
103178 Cherry Orchard Primary School Open
103179 Yardley Junior School Closed
103180 Yardley Infant School Closed
103181 City Road Primary School Closed
103182 Clifton Junior School Closed
103183 Clifton Infant School Closed
103184 Springfield Junior School Closed
103185 Springfield Infant School Closed
103186 Colmers Farm Junior School Closed
103187 Colmers Farm Primary School Open
103188 Colmore Junior School Open
103189 Colmore Infant and Nursery School Open
103190 Cotteridge Primary School Open
103191 Cromwell Junior and Infant School and Nursery Class Closed
103192 Anderton Park Primary School Open
103193 Regents Park Community Primary School Open
103194 The Oaklands Primary School Closed
103195 Dorrington Primary School Closed
103196 Summerfield Junior and Infant School Open
103197 Warren Farm Primary School Closed
103198 Four Dwellings Junior School Closed
103199 Four Dwellings Infant School Closed
103200 George Dixon Primary School Open
103201 Gilbertstone Primary School Open
103202 Conway Primary School Closed
103203 Greenholm Primary School Closed
103204 Greet Primary School Closed
103205 Grendon Junior and Infant School (NC) Open
103206 Grestone Junior School Closed
103207 Grestone Infant School Closed
103208 Gunter Primary School Open
103209 Hall Green Junior School Open
103210 Hall Green Infant School Open
103211 Harborne Junior School Closed
103212 Harborne Infant School Closed
103213 Story Wood School and Children's Centre Open
103214 Hawthorn Primary School Open
103215 Highfield Junior and Infant School Closed
103216 Hobmoor Primary School Closed
103217 Ward End Primary School Open
103218 Jervoise School Closed
103219 Kings Heath Junior School Closed