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Schools: Local authority name Brent

This is Brent in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 304
Local authority name: Brent
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
101489 Curzon Crescent Nursery School Open
101490 Fawood Children's Centre Open
101491 College Green School and Services Open
101492 Granville Plus Nursery School Open
101495 Anson Primary School Open
101496 Brentfield Primary School Open
101497 Byron Court Primary School Open
101498 Carlton Vale Infant School Open
101499 Harlesden Primary School Open
101500 Mount Stewart Junior School Open
101501 Mount Stewart Infant School Open
101502 Uxendon Manor Primary School Open
101503 Kingsbury Green Primary School Open
101504 Leopold Primary School Open
101505 Lyon Park Junior School Closed
101506 Lyon Park Primary School Open
101507 Malorees Infant School Open
101508 Northview Junior and Infant School Open
101509 Park Lane Primary School Open
101510 Preston Park Primary School Open
101511 Roe Green Junior School Open
101512 Roe Green Infant School Open
101513 Sudbury Junior School Closed
101514 Sudbury Infant School Closed
101515 Barham Primary School Open
101516 Wembley Manor Junior School Closed
101517 Wembley Manor Infant School Closed
101518 Wykeham Primary School Open
101519 Elsley Primary School Open
101520 Donnington Primary School Open
101521 The Stonebridge School Open
101522 Newfield Primary School Open
101523 Kensal Rise Primary School Closed
101524 Mitchell Brook Primary School Open
101525 Furness Primary School Closed
101526 Chalkhill Primary School Open
101527 Salusbury Primary School Open
101528 Oliver Goldsmith Primary School Open
101529 Gladstone Park Primary School Closed
101530 Mora Primary School Open
101531 Fryent Primary School Open
101532 Braintcroft Primary School Open
101533 Christ Church CofE Primary School Open
101534 John Keble CofE Primary School Open
101535 Princess Frederica CofE Primary School Open
101536 St Andrew and St Francis CofE Primary School Closed
101537 St Mary's CofE Primary School Open
101538 Our Lady of Grace Catholic Junior School Open
101539 St Joseph RC Junior School Open
101540 St Mary's RC Junior School Closed
101541 St Mary's RC Infant School Closed
101542 St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Junior School Open
101543 St Robert Southwell RC Primary School Open
101544 Convent of Jesus and Mary RC Infant School Open
101545 Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School Open
101546 St Joseph's RC Infant School Open
101547 Our Lady of Grace RC Infant and Nursery School Open
101548 St Margaret Clitherow RC Primary School Open
101549 Sinai Jewish Primary School Open
101550 Wembley High Technology College Closed
101551 Willesden High School Closed
101552 Oakington Manor Primary School Closed
101553 North West London Jewish Day School Closed
101554 Malorees Junior School Open
101555 St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School Open
101556 The Kilburn Park School Foundation Open
101557 Claremont High School Closed
101558 Copland Community School Closed
101559 Kingsbury High School Closed
101560 Queens Park Community School Closed
101561 Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College Closed
101562 Alperton Community School Closed
101563 St Gregory's Catholic Science College Closed
101564 Newman Catholic College Open
101565 John Kelly Boys' Technology College Closed
101566 John Kelly Girls' Technology College Closed
101567 Preston Manor School Closed
101569 Buxlow Preparatory School Open
101570 Gower House School Closed
101571 St Christopher's School Open
101572 St Nicholas School Open
101574 Islamia Primary School Open
101575 Islamia School for Girls' Open
101576 Al-Sadiq and Al-Zahra Schools Open
101577 Beis Yaakov Primary School Closed
101578 The Swaminarayan School Open
101579 Woodfield School Closed
101580 Grove Park School Closed
101581 Phoenix Arch School Open
101582 Manor School Closed
101583 The Village School Open
126758 Braintcroft Junior School Closed
126759 Braintcroft Infant School Closed
126760 Bridge Junior School Closed
126761 Bridge Infant School Closed
126762 Mora Junior School Closed
126763 Mora Infant School Closed
126764 Furness Junior School Closed
126765 Furness Infant School Closed
126766 Fryent Junior School Closed