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Schools: Local authority name Bristol City of

This is Bristol City of in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 801
Local authority name: Bristol City of
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
108893 St Philips Marsh Nursery School and Barton Hill Childrens Centre/Cashmore Early Years Centre Open
108894 Filton Avenue Nursery School Open
108895 Little Hayes and Hillfields Early Years & Family Centre Open
108896 Ilminster Avenue Specialist Nursery School Open
108897 Novers Hill Nursery School Closed
108898 Rosemary Nursery School and Children's Centre Open
108899 Bluebell Valley Nursery School Closed
108900 Speedwell Nursery School Open
108901 St Pauls Nursery School & Children's Centre Open
108902 St Werburghs Park Nursery School Open
108903 Spring Woods Nursery School Closed
108904 Redcliffe Childrens Centre and Maintained Nursery School Open
108905 The Limes Nursery School Open
108906 Hartcliffe Nursery School and Children's Centre Open
108907 Cashmore Nursery School Closed
108908 The Meriton Education and Support for Young Parents Open
108909 Air Balloon Hill Junior School Closed
108910 Brunel Field Primary School Open
108911 Ashley Down Primary School Open
108912 Ashton Gate Primary School Open
108913 Ashton Vale Primary School Open
108914 Nova Primary School Open
108915 Bannerman Road Community School and Children's Centre Closed
108916 Bedminster Down Junior School Closed
108917 Bedminster Down Infant School Closed
108918 Begbrook Primary School Closed
108919 Broomhill Junior School Open
108920 Chester Park Junior School Open
108921 Chester Park Infant School Open
108922 Colston's Primary School Closed
108923 Queensdale Junior School Closed
108924 Connaught Infants' School Closed
108925 Embleton Junior School Closed
108926 Embleton Infant School Closed
108927 Filton Avenue Junior School Closed
108928 Filton Avenue Infant School Closed
108929 Fonthill Junior School Closed
108930 Fonthill Infant School Closed
108931 Glenfrome Primary School Open
108932 Henbury Court Junior School Closed
108933 Henleaze Junior School Closed
108934 Henleaze Infant School Open
108935 Hillfields Park Junior School Closed
108936 Hillfields Park Infant School Closed
108937 Hotwells Primary School Closed
108938 Ilminster Avenue Junior School Closed
108939 Ilminster Avenue Infant School Closed
108940 Knowle Junior School Closed
108941 Knowle Infant School Closed
108942 Knowle Park Junior School Closed
108943 Knowle Park Infant School Closed
108944 Luckwell Primary School Open
108945 Cutlers Brook Junior School Closed
108946 Willow Green Infant School Closed
108947 Novers Lane Junior School Closed
108948 Novers Lane Infant School Closed
108949 Oldbury Court Junior School Closed
108950 Oldbury Court Infant School Closed
108951 Parson Street Primary School Closed
108952 Petherton Road Infant School Closed
108953 Romney Avenue Junior School Closed
108954 Romney Avenue Infant and Nursery School Closed
108955 St Anne's Junior School Closed
108956 St Anne's Infant School Open
108957 St Anne's Park Primary School Closed
108958 Sea Mills Junior School Closed
108959 Sea Mills Infant School Closed
108960 Sefton Park Infant School Open
108961 Sefton Park Junior School Open
108962 Shirehampton Junior School Closed
108963 Shirehampton Infant School Closed
108964 Southville Primary School Open
108965 Summerhill Junior School Closed
108966 Summerhill Infant School Open
108967 Two Mile Hill Junior School Closed
108968 Two Mile Hill Infant School Closed
108969 Tyning Hengrove Junior School Closed
108970 Upper Horfield Primary School Open
108971 Victoria Park Community Junior School Closed
108972 Victoria Park Community Infant School Closed
108973 Westbury Park Primary School Closed
108974 Holymead Junior School Closed
108975 Holymead Primary School Open
108976 Headley Park Primary School Open, but proposed to close
108977 Dunmail Primary School Closed
108978 West Town Lane Junior School Closed
108979 West Town Lane Infant School Closed
108980 Brentry Primary School Open
108981 Highridge Infant School Closed
108982 Elmlea Junior School Closed
108983 Broomhill Infant School & Children's Centre Open
108984 Henbury Court Infant School Closed
108985 Burnbush Primary School Closed
108986 Wansdyke Primary School Open
108987 Waycroft Junior School Closed
108988 Perry Court Junior School Closed
108989 Waycroft Infant School Closed
108990 Bridge Farm Junior School Closed
108991 Elmlea Infant School Open
108992 Cabot Primary School Open