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Schools: Local authority name Darlington

This is Darlington in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 841
Local authority name: Darlington
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
113978 Albert Hill Nursery School Closed
113979 Corporation Road Nursery School Closed
113980 Eastbourne Nursery School Closed
113981 Heathfield Nursery School Closed
113982 Borough Road Nursery School Open
113983 George Dent Nursery School Open
114160 Middleton St George CofE (Aided) Primary School Closed
114163 Alderman Leach Junior School Closed
114164 Alderman Leach Infants' School Closed
114165 Abbey Junior School Closed
114166 Mount Pleasant Primary School Closed
114167 Corporation Road Junior School Closed
114168 Corporation Road Infant School Closed
114169 Dodmire Junior School Closed
114170 Dodmire Infants' School Closed
114171 Firthmoor Infant and Nursery School Closed
114172 Gurney Pease Primary School Closed
114173 Harrowgate Hill Infants' School Closed
114174 Springfield Primary School Closed
114175 Northwood Primary School Closed
114176 Skerne Park Infants' School Closed
114177 Skerne Park Junior School Closed
114178 Reid Street Primary School Closed
114179 Rise Carr Primary School Closed
114180 Firthmoor Junior School Closed
114181 Abbey Infants' School Closed
114182 Mowden Infants' School Closed
114183 Red Hall Primary School Open
114184 Mowden Junior School Closed
114185 Harrowgate Hill Junior School Closed
114191 Whinfield Infant School Closed
114192 Whinfield Junior School Closed
114196 Hurworth Primary School Closed
114204 Heathfield Primary School Closed
114212 St Mary's Cockerton Church of England Primary School Closed
114223 Heighington Church of England Primary School Closed
114224 High Coniscliffe CofE Primary School Closed
114233 Bishopton Redmarshall CofE Primary School Closed
114234 Sadberge CofE Primary School Closed
114238 St John's CofE (Aided) Primary School Closed
114239 Holy Family RC Primary School Closed
114240 St Augustine's RC Primary School Closed
114241 St Teresa's RC Primary School Open
114284 St Bede's RC Primary School Closed
114316 Hurworth School Closed
114319 Eastbourne Comprehensive School Closed
114320 Haughton Community School Closed
114321 Darlington School of Maths & Science Closed
114322 Longfield School Closed
114323 Hummersknott School and Language College Closed
114324 Carmel RC College Closed
114329 Polam Hall School Closed
114332 Yarm at Raventhorpe Closed
114333 Hurworth House School Closed
114348 Beaumont Hill School Closed
131629 Rise Carr College Open
132204 Alderman Leach Primary School Closed
132206 Skerne Park Primary School Closed
132207 Firthmoor Primary School Closed
133354 Darlington Alternative Centre for Education Closed
134075 Corporation Road Community Primary School Closed
134472 St George's CofE VA Primary School Closed
134719 Whinfield Primary School Open
135088 Harrowgate Hill Primary School Open
135113 Pear Tree School Open
135314 St Aidan's Church of England Academy Open
135741 Dodmire School Closed
135777 The Bridge Closed
136171 Meadholme Closed
136525 Hurworth School Open
136836 Reid Street Primary School Open
136838 Hummersknott Academy Open
136953 Priory Pines House Closed
136988 Abbey Infants' School Open
136989 Abbey Junior School Open
137021 Bishopton Redmarshall CofE Primary School Open
137022 Heighington Church of England Primary School Open
137042 West Park Academy Open
137122 Darlington School of Maths and Science Closed
137222 Longfield Academy of Sport Open
137511 Priory Hurworth House Open
137622 Carmel College Open
138000 St. George's Church of England Academy Open
138088 Springfield Academy Open
138089 Haughton Academy Open
138093 Beaumont Hill Academy Open
138128 St John's Church of England Academy Open
138129 Firthmoor Primary School Open
138175 Mowden Infant School Open
138176 Mowden Junior School Open
138179 Heathfield Primary School Open
138180 Hurworth Primary School Open
138362 Gurney Pease Academy Open
138523 St Bede's RC Primary School Open
138989 The Rydal Academy Open
139195 Skerne Park Academy Open
139531 St Augustine's RC Primary School Open
139533 Holy Family RC Primary School Open
139691 Marchbank Free School Open
141954 Oakwood Learning Centre Open