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Schools: Local authority name Derby

This is Derby in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 831
Local authority name: Derby
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
112471 Lord Street Nursery School Open
112472 Central Community Nursery School Open
112473 Beechwood Nursery School Closed
112474 Harrington Nursery School Open
112475 Walbrook Nursery School Open
112476 Stonehill Nursery School Open
112479 Ashgate Nursery School Open
112480 Whitecross Nursery School Open
112482 Castle Nursery School Closed
112486 Cedar Grove Closed
112487 North Lees Closed
112488 Kingsmead Behaviour Support Service Closed
112712 Allenton Community Primary School Closed
112713 Ashgate Junior School Closed
112714 Ashgate Infant School Closed
112715 Beaufort Junior School Closed
112716 Beaufort Infant School Closed
112717 Becket Primary School Open
112718 Boulton Junior School Closed
112719 Boulton Primary School Closed
112720 Dale Community Primary School Open
112721 Hardwick Junior School Closed
112722 Hardwick Infant and Nursery School Closed
112723 Moorhead Primary School Closed
112724 Nightingale Junior School Closed
112725 Osmaston Primary School Open, but proposed to close
112726 Normanton Junior School Closed
112727 Pear Tree Community Junior School Closed
112728 Pear Tree Infant School Open
112729 Reigate Junior School Closed
112730 Reigate Infant School Closed
112731 Roe Farm Junior School Closed
112732 Roe Farm Infant School Closed
112733 Rosehill Infant and Nursery School Open
112734 Cottons Farm Primary School Open
112735 Southgate Infant School Closed
112736 Brackensdale Junior School Open
112737 Brackensdale Infant School Open
112738 Lakeside Community Primary School Open
112739 Markeaton Primary School Open
112740 Portway Infant School Open
112741 Portway Junior School Open
112742 Allenpark Infant School Closed
112743 Alvaston Junior School Open
112744 Alvaston Infant and Nursery School Open
112745 Shelton Infant School Open
112746 Breadsall Hill Top Infant & Nursery School Closed
112747 Breadsall Hill Top Primary School Closed
112748 Cavendish Close Junior School Open, but proposed to close
112749 Cavendish Close Infant School Open
112750 Cherry Tree Hill Junior School Closed
112751 Cherry Tree Hill Primary School Open
112752 Meadow Farm Community Primary School Open
112753 Chaddesden Park Junior School Closed
112754 Chellaston Infant School Open
112755 Carlyle Infant and Nursery School Open
112756 Gayton Junior School Open
112757 Ridgeway Infant School Open
112758 Wren Park Primary School Open
112759 Ravensdale Infant and Nursery School Open
112760 Ravensdale Junior School Open
112761 Asterdale Primary School Open
112762 Springfield Primary School Open
112763 Chaddesden Park Primary School Open
112764 Borrow Wood Infant School Closed
112765 Silverhill Primary School Open
112766 Oakwood Junior School Open
112767 Oakwood Infant and Nursery School Open
112768 Redwood Junior School Closed
112770 Redwood Primary School Open
112771 Ash Croft Primary School Open
112774 Brookfield Primary School Open
112776 Grampian Primary School Closed
112778 Firs Estate Primary School Open, but proposed to close
112779 Lawn Primary School Open
112780 Normanton Village Infant School Closed
112782 Derwent Community School Closed
112790 Mickleover Primary School Open
112791 Sunnyhill Infant School Closed
112792 Arboretum Primary School Open
112873 Derby St Chad's CofE (VC) Nursery and Infant School Open
112914 Bishop Lonsdale Church of England Aided Primary School and Nursery Closed
112915 St James' Church of England Aided Infant School Open
112916 St Mary's Catholic Primary School and Nursery Open
112917 Walter Evans Church of England Aided Primary School Closed
112918 St George's Catholic Primary School Closed
112919 St Werburgh's Church of England VA Primary School Open
112920 St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, Alvaston, Derby Closed
112921 St Peter's Church of England Aided Junior School Open
112922 St James' Church of England Aided Junior School Open
112926 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Derby Open
112927 St Alban's Catholic Primary School, Chaddesden, Derby Open
112944 Sinfin Community School Closed
112951 The Bemrose School Open
112952 Derby Moor Community Sports College Open
112953 High View School and Technology Centre Closed
112954 The Village Community School Closed
112955 Lees Brook Community Sports College Closed
112956 Littleover Community School Open
112973 Saint Benedict Catholic School and Performing Arts College Closed