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Schools: Local authority name Essex

This is Essex in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 881
Local authority name: Essex
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
114698 Tanglewood Nursery School Open
114699 Woodcroft Nursery School Open
114700 Harlow Pupil Referral Unit (West Support Centre) Closed
114701 Latton Green Home Tuition Pupil Referral Unit C.O.Latton Green Primary School Closed
114703 West Quadrant Childrens Support Centre, Harlow Closed
114704 St George's New Town Junior School Open
114705 St George's Infant School and Nursery Open
114706 Hamilton Primary School Open
114707 Lexden Primary School with Unit for Hearing Impaired Pupils Open
114708 Myland Community Primary School Open
114709 North Primary School and Nursery Open
114710 Old Heath Community Primary School Open
114711 St John's Green Primary School Open
114716 King's Ford Junior School Closed
114717 King's Ford Infant School and Nursery Open
114721 Alton Park Junior School Closed
114722 Oakwood Infant and Nursery School Open
114723 Frinton-on-Sea Primary School Open
114724 Kirby Primary School Closed
114726 De Vere Primary School Open
114727 Gosfield Community Primary School Open
114728 Stanley Drapkin Primary School, Steeple Bumpstead Open
114729 Langenhoe Community Primary School and Pre-School Open
114730 Langham Primary School Open
114731 Messing-Cum-Inworth Primary School Closed
114732 Stanway Primary School Open
114733 Tiptree Heath Primary School Open
114734 Alresford Primary School Open
114735 Bradfield Primary School Open
114736 Great Bentley Primary School Open
114737 Ramsey Primary School Closed
114738 Tendring Primary School Open
114739 Wix and Wrabness Primary School Open
114740 Monkwick Junior School Closed
114741 Monkwick Infant and Nursery School Closed
114742 Gosbecks Primary School Open
114743 Prettygate Junior School Open
114744 Prettygate Infant School Open
114745 Hazelmere Junior School Open
114746 Hazelmere Infant School and Nursery Open
114747 The Mayflower Primary School Open
114748 Great Clacton Junior School Closed
114749 Burrsville Community Infant School Closed
114750 Montgomery Junior School, Colchester Open
114751 Montgomery Infant School and Nursery, Colchester Open
114752 Home Farm Primary School Open
114753 Friars Grove Junior School Closed
114754 Greenstead, St Andrew's Nursery and Infant School Closed
114755 Brightlingsea Infant School and Nursery Open
114756 Broomgrove Infant School Open
114757 Frobisher Primary and Nursery School Closed
114758 Brightlingsea Junior School Open
114759 Broomgrove Junior School Open
114760 Milldene Primary School Open
114761 Friars Grove Primary School Open
114762 Hamford Primary School Closed
114763 St Andrew's Junior School Closed
114764 Stanway Fiveways Primary School Open
114765 Richard de Clare Community Primary School Closed
114766 Ravenscroft Primary School Closed
114767 Baynards Primary School Open
114768 Cann Hall Primary School Closed
114769 Highfields Primary School Open
114776 Holly Trees Infant School Closed
114784 Kings Road Junior School Closed
114785 Holly Trees Junior School Closed
114792 Great Wakering Primary School Closed
114794 Beckers Green Primary School Open
114795 Woodham Ley Primary School Closed
114797 Kings Road Infant School Closed
114798 Pilgrims Hatch County Infant School Closed
114799 Thundersley Junior School Closed
114800 Moulsham Junior School Closed
114801 Quilters Junior School Open
114802 Laindon Park Primary School Open
114803 Moulsham Infant School Closed
114804 Janet Duke Junior School Closed
114805 Trinity Road Primary School Open
114806 Maldon Primary School Open, but proposed to close
114807 Maple Grove Primary School Closed
114808 The Len Wastell Infant School Closed
114809 Bocking Church Street Primary School Open
114810 Crays Hill Primary School Open
114811 Vange Primary School and Nursery Open
114812 Chapel Hill Primary School and Nursery Closed
114813 Wickford Junior School Open
114814 The Wickford Infant School Open
114815 Cherry Tree Primary School and Speech and Language Unit Closed
114816 Whitmore Infant School and Nursery Closed
114817 St Michael's Primary School and Nursery, Colchester Open
114818 John Bunyan Primary School and Nursery Open
114819 Whitmore Primary School and Nursery Closed
114820 Chigwell Primary School Closed
114821 Burnham-on-Crouch Primary School Open
114822 Canvey Junior School Open
114823 Roach Vale Primary School Open
114824 Leigh Beck Infant School and Nursery Closed
114825 Chigwell Row Infant School Open
114827 Chipping Hill Primary School Open
114828 Silver End Primary School Open, but proposed to close