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Schools: Local authority name Hackney

This is Hackney in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 204
Local authority name: Hackney
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
100212 Wentworth Nursery School and Children's Centre Open
100213 Comet Nursery School and Children's Centre Open
100214 New River Pupil Referral Unit Closed
100215 Daniel House Pupil Referral Unit Closed
100216 Amherst Primary School Closed
100217 Benthal Primary School Infant Department Closed
100218 Berger Primary School Open
100219 Burbage Junior School Closed
100220 Burbage Infants' School Closed
100221 Colvestone Primary School Open
100222 Craven Park School Closed
100223 Daubeney Primary School Open
100224 De Beauvoir Primary School Open
100225 Gainsborough Primary School Open
100226 Gayhurst Junior School Closed
100227 Gayhurst Infants' School Closed
100228 Laburnum Primary School Closed
100229 Lauriston School Open
100230 London Fields Primary School Open
100231 Millfields Community School Open
100232 Morningside Primary School Open
100233 Northwold Primary School Closed
100234 Orchard Primary School Open
100235 Queensbridge Primary School Open
100236 Randal Cremer Primary School Open
100237 Rushmore Junior School Closed
100238 Rushmore Infants' School Closed
100239 Princess May Primary School Open
100240 Sebright School Open
100241 Shacklewell Primary School Open
100242 Southwold Primary School Open
100243 Thomas Fairchild Community School Open
100244 Tyssen Community Primary School Open
100245 Shoreditch Park Primary School Open
100246 William Patten Junior School Closed
100247 William Patten Infants' School Closed
100248 Woodberry Down Community Primary School Open
100249 Woodberry Down Community Primary School Closed
100250 Kingsmead Primary School Open
100251 Sir Thomas Abney School Open
100252 Grasmere Primary School Open
100253 Jubilee Primary School Open
100254 Nightingale Primary School Open
100255 Baden-Powell School Open
100256 Harrington Hill Primary School Open
100257 Holmleigh Primary School Open
100258 Grazebrook Primary School Open
100259 Parkwood Primary School Open
100260 Benthal Primary School Open
100261 Mandeville Primary School Open
100262 Rams Episcopal Church of England Primary School Closed
100263 Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School Open
100264 Our Lady and St Joseph Catholic Primary School Open
100265 Saint Dominic Roman Catholic Junior School Closed
100266 St John the Baptist Voluntary Aided Church of England Primary School Open
100267 St Matthias Church of England Primary School Open
100268 St Monica's Roman Catholic Primary School Open
100269 St Paul's with St Michael's Primary School Open
100270 St John of Jerusalem Church of England Primary School Open
100271 St Mary's Church of England Primary School, Stoke Newington Open
100272 Avigdor Primary School Closed
100273 Saint Dominic Roman Catholic Infant School Closed
100274 St Scholastica's Catholic Primary School Open
100275 Simon Marks Jewish Primary School Open
100276 Hackney Downs School Closed
100277 Haggerston School Open
100278 Clapton Girls' Technology College Closed
100279 Stoke Newington School and Sixth Form Open
100280 Homerton College of Technology Closed
100281 Kingsland School Closed
100282 Our Lady's Convent Roman Catholic High School Open
100283 The Skinners' Company's School for Girls Closed
100284 The Urswick School - A Church of England Secondary School Open
100285 Cardinal Pole Catholic School Open
100286 St Thomas's Church of England Primary School Closed
100287 Yesodey Hatorah School Open
100288 Talmud Torah School Closed
100289 Talmud Torah Yetev Lev Open
100290 Lubavitch House Junior School Closed
100291 Bnois Jerusalem Girls School Open
100292 Lubavitch House Senior School Closed
100293 Beis Rochel d'Satmar Girls' School Open
100294 Talmud Torah Machzikei Hadass School Open
100295 Beis Malka Girls' School Open
100296 Talmud Torah Chaim Meirim Wiznitz School Open
100297 Mechinah Liyeshivah Zichron Moshe Closed
100298 Talmud Torah Bobov Primary School Open
100299 T T T Y Y School Open
100300 Tayyibah Girls' School Open
100301 Paragon Christian Academy Open
100302 Mesifta Talmudical College Closed
100304 The Supplementary School of Secondary Education Closed
100305 Lennox Lewis College Closed
100306 Home School of Stoke Newington Closed
100307 Stormont House School Open
100308 Downsview School Closed
100309 Shawcroft School Closed
100310 Crusoe House School Closed
100311 The Garden School Open
100312 Ickburgh School Open