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Schools: Local authority name Halton

This is Halton in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 876
Local authority name: Halton
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
110957 Ditton Nursery School Open
110958 Birchfield Nursery School Open
110959 Warrington Road Nursery School Open
110960 Grange Nursery School Closed
110990 Moore Primary School Open
110991 The Grange Infant School Closed
110992 Victoria Road Primary School Open
110994 Daresbury Primary School Closed
110998 The Grange Junior School Closed
111002 Weston Point Community Primary School Open
111114 Weston Primary School Open
111116 Castle View Primary School Open
111124 The Brow Community Primary School Open
111125 Woodside Primary School Open
111134 The Park Primary School Closed
111141 Pewithall Primary School Open
111169 Hillview Primary School Open
111172 Brookvale Junior School Closed
111173 Brookvale Infant School Closed
111174 Murdishaw West Community Primary School Open
111175 Beechwood Primary School Open
111176 Gorsewood Primary School Open
111177 Windmill Hill Primary School Open
111183 Ditton Primary School Open
111184 Fairfield Infant School Closed
111186 West Bank Primary School Closed
111187 Oakfield Junior School Closed
111188 Moorfield Primary School Open
111190 Oakfield Community Infant School Closed
111197 Fairfield Primary School Open
111199 Lunts Heath Primary School Open
111210 Hallwood Park Primary School and Nursery Open
111217 Astmoor Primary School Open
111228 Simms Cross Primary School Open
111229 Halton Lodge Primary School Open
111240 Westfield Primary School Open
111244 Halebank CofE Primary School Open
111293 Spinney Avenue Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School Open
111294 Hale Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School Open
111314 Runcorn All Saints CofE Primary School Open
111316 St Mary's Church of England Primary School Open
111319 St Edward's Catholic Primary School Open
111320 St Clement's Catholic Primary School Open
111321 The Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Open
111359 St Augustine's Catholic Primary School Closed
111371 St Bede's Catholic Junior School Open
111372 St Bede's Catholic Infant School Open
111374 Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Infant School Closed
111375 Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Junior School Closed
111378 Our Lady Mother of the Saviour Catholic Primary School Open
111380 St Martin's Catholic Primary School Open
111383 St Berteline's CofE Primary School Open
111390 St Basil's Catholic Primary School Open
111391 St Gerard's Catholic Primary and Nursery School Open
111392 St John Fisher Catholic Primary School Open
111393 St Michaels Catholic Primary School Open
111394 Farnworth Church of England Controlled Primary School Open
111400 The Heath School Closed
111401 The Grange School Open, but proposed to close
111425 Norton Priory High School Closed
111432 Fairfield High School Closed
111435 Wade Deacon High School Closed
111437 Brookvale Comprehensive School Closed
111453 St Chad's Catholic High School Closed
111457 Saints Peter and Paul Catholic College Open
111463 The Bankfield School Closed
111497 Cavendish High School Closed
111514 Chesnut Lodge Special School Open
111515 Ashley High School Open
111516 Brookfields School Open
130271 Palace Fields Primary School Closed
131217 All Saints Upton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School Open
131476 Middleton Lodge Closed
131562 Fair Holme Closed
132195 Brookvale Primary School Open
132825 Halton High School Closed
133320 Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary School Open
133322 Oakfield Community Primary School Open
133485 Halton School Open
134321 The Bridge School Open
134322 KS4 PRU Closed
135352 Cambian Greenway Closed
135354 Cambian 110 Peelhouse Closed
135355 Saxon Road Green Corns Closed
135356 Cambian - Liverpool Road Closed
135357 Cambian Halton View Closed
135358 South Parade Green Corns Closed
135425 Cambian Lower House Lane Closed
135426 Cambian 62 Peelhouse Closed
135442 Cambian Lunts Heath Closed
135512 Halton House School Open
135731 St Chads Catholic and Church of England High School Open, but proposed to close
135749 Weston Point College Open
136185 Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy Open
136779 The Heath School Open
137301 Palace Fields Primary Academy Closed
138198 Sandymoor Open
138597 Hope Corner Academy Open
139368 Wade Deacon High School Open
140578 The Cavendish High Academy Open