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Schools: Local authority name Hammersmith and Fulham

This is Hammersmith and Fulham in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 205
Local authority name: Hammersmith and Fulham
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
100313 Marshcroft Early Years Centre Closed
100314 Horder Nursery School Closed
100315 Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre Open
100316 Vanessa Nursery School Open
100317 James Lee Nursery School Open
100318 Bayonne Nursery School Open
100319 Wharf Study Centre Closed
100320 The Bridge Academy Closed
100321 Addison Primary School Open
100322 Avonmore Primary School Open
100323 Bentworth Primary School Closed
100324 Brackenbury Primary School Open
100325 Canberra Primary School Closed
100326 Miles Coverdale Primary School Open
100327 Ellerslie Primary School Closed
100328 Flora Gardens Primary School Open
100329 Fulham Primary School Closed
100330 New King's Primary School Closed
100331 Kenmont Primary School Open
100332 Langford Primary School Closed
100333 Lena Gardens Primary School Closed
100334 Melcombe Primary School Open
100335 Old Oak Primary School Open
100336 Peterborough Primary School Closed
100337 Queen's Manor School and Special Needs Unit Closed
100338 Sir John Lillie Primary School Open
100339 Sulivan Primary School Closed
100340 Wendell Park Primary School Open
100341 Wormholt Park Primary School Open
100342 Normand Park Primary School Closed
100343 Greenside Primary School Closed
100344 All Saints CofE Primary School Open
100345 Holy Cross RC School Open
100346 John Betts Primary School Open
100347 St Augustine's RC Primary School Open
100348 Sacred Heart Junior School Closed
100349 St Johns Walham Green Church of England Primary School Open
100350 St Mary's Catholic Primary School Open
100351 St Paul's CofE Primary School Open
100352 St Peter's Primary School Open
100353 St Stephen's CofE Primary School Open
100354 Good Shepherd RC Primary School Open
100355 St John XXIII Catholic Primary School Open
100356 Larmenier RC Infants' School Closed
100357 St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School Open
100358 Fulham College Boys' School Closed
100359 Phoenix High School Closed
100360 Fulham Cross Girls' School and Language College Closed
100361 Hurlingham and Chelsea Secondary School Closed
100362 Burlington Danes CofE School Closed
100363 Sacred Heart High School Closed
100364 Lady Margaret School Closed
100365 The London Oratory School Closed
100366 St Paul's Girls' School Open
100368 Bute House Preparatory School Open
100369 The Godolphin and Latymer School Open
100370 Latymer Upper School Open
100371 Ecole Francaise de Londres Jacques Prevert Open
100372 Al-Muntada Islamic School Open
100373 Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School Open
100374 Sinclair House School Open
100375 L'Ecole des Petits School Open
100376 Le Herisson School Open
100377 Bloomsbury College Closed
100378 Queensmill School Open
100379 Woodlane High School Open
100380 Heathermount School Closed
100381 Jack Tizard School Open
100382 Cambridge School Open
100383 Gibbs Green School Closed
100509 Kensington Prep School Open
100527 St James Senior Girls' School Open
126614 Special Learning Centre Secondary Base Closed
126615 Canberra Infant School Closed
126616 Beaufort House School Closed
126617 Harwood School Closed
126618 Munster School Closed
126619 Sherbrooke School Closed
126621 St Thoma's RC Infant School Closed
126622 St Edmund's School Closed
126623 St Mark's CofE School Closed
126624 Carroll School Closed
126625 Marist Convent School Closed
126626 March Hare Montessori School Closed
126627 John Aird School Closed
126628 Fernhurst School Closed
126629 Pine End School Closed
126630 North Croft School Closed
126631 Elizabeth Burgwin School Closed
126632 Wedgwood School Closed
130239 Thomas's Fulham Open
131054 Twynholm School Closed
131165 The Fulham Preparatory School Limited Open
131220 The Blue Sky Academy of Education and Arts Closed
131267 St James Independent School for Boys (Junior Department) Closed
131268 St James Junior School Open
131406 Bellerbys College London Closed
131555 Primary Pupil Referral Unit Closed
131650 Holborn College Closed
131675 The Moat School Open