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Schools: Local authority name Isle of Wight

This is Isle of Wight in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 921
Local authority name: Isle of Wight
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
118153 The Clatterford Centre Closed
118154 St John's Centre Closed
118155 Chillerton and Rookley Primary School Open
118156 Cowes Primary School Open
118157 East Cowes Grange Primary School Closed
118158 Gatten and Lake Primary School Open
118159 Godshill Primary School Open
118160 Gurnard Primary School Open
118161 Nettlestone Primary School Open
118162 Newchurch Primary School Open
118163 Barton Primary School Open
118164 Nine Acres Primary School Open
118165 Niton Primary School Open
118166 Northwood Primary School Closed
118167 Hunnyhill Primary School Open
118168 Haylands Primary School Open
118169 St Helen's Primary School Open
118170 Totland Primary School Closed
118171 Whippingham Primary School Closed
118172 Wootton Community Primary School Open
118173 Wroxall Primary School Open
118174 Lanesend Primary School Closed
118175 Broadlea Primary School Open
118176 Binstead Primary School Open
118177 Green Mount Primary School Open
118178 Summerfields Primary School Open
118179 Dover Park Primary School Open
118180 Arreton St George's Church of England Controlled Primary School Open
118181 Bembridge Church of England Primary School Open
118182 Brading Church of England Controlled Primary School Open
118183 Carisbrooke Church of England Controlled Primary School Open
118184 Chale Church of England Controlled Primary School Closed
118185 All Saints Church of England Primary School, Freshwater Open
118186 Sandown Church of England Primary School Closed
118187 St John's Church of England Primary School Sandown Closed
118188 Shalfleet Church of England Primary School Open
118189 Shanklin Church of England Primary School Closed
118190 St Boniface Church of England Primary School Ventnor Closed
118191 Saint Margaret's Church of England Primary School Closed
118192 Brighstone Church of England Aided Primary School Open
118193 Oakfield Church of England Aided Primary School, Ryde Open
118194 Yarmouth Church of England Aided Primary School Open
118195 St Mary's Catholic Primary School Open
118196 St Saviour's Catholic Primary School Open
118197 St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Closed
118198 Holy Cross Catholic Primary School Open
118199 St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Primary School Open
118200 Newport Church of England Aided Primary School Open
118201 Cowes High School Closed
118202 West Wight Middle School Closed
118203 Nodehill Middle School Closed
118204 Ventnor Middle School Closed
118205 Ryde High School Closed
118206 Downside Middle School Closed
118207 Forelands Middle School Closed
118208 Somerton Middle School Closed
118209 Lake Middle School Closed
118210 Kitbridge Middle School Closed
118211 Sandham Middle School Closed
118212 Solent Middle School Closed
118213 Osborne Middle School Closed
118214 Carisbrooke High School Closed
118215 Sandown High School Closed
118216 Swanmore Middle School Closed
118217 Medina High School Closed
118218 Bishop Lovett Church of England Controlled Middle School, Ryde Closed
118219 Mayfield Church of England Voluntary Controlled Middle School Closed
118220 Trinity Church of England Aided Middle School Closed
118221 Archbishop King Catholic Middle School Closed
118222 Bembridge School Closed
118223 Ryde School with Upper Chine Open
118224 Westmont School Closed
118225 Priory School Open
118226 St Catherine's School Open
118227 St George's School Open
118228 Medina House School Open
129338 Newport CofE Primary School Closed
129339 Upper Chine School Closed
129340 St Therese Presentation Convent School Closed
129341 Partlands School Closed
132094 Southern Stars Theatre School and Performers' College Closed
133744 Island Learning Centre Open
133745 Clatterford Tuition Centre Closed
134504 Allbrook Education Trust Closed
134793 Weston Community School Closed
135552 Christ The King College Open
136008 Queensgate Foundation Primary Open
136009 Cowes Enterprise College Closed
136010 Medina College Open
136011 St Francis Catholic and Church of England (Aided) Primary School Closed
136012 Carisbrooke College Open
136013 The Bay Church of England Primary Open
136751 Sandown Bay Academy Open
136753 Ryde Academy Open
138068 Weston Academy Closed
139454 Northwood Primary School Open
139644 St Blasius Shanklin CofE Primary Academy Open
140691 The Island Free School Open
140845 Cowes Enterprise College Open
140948 Isle of Wight Studio School Open