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Schools: Local authority name Islington

This is Islington in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 206
Local authority name: Islington
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
100384 Margaret McMillan Nursery School Open
100385 Kate Greenaway Nursery School and Children's Centre Open
100386 North Islington Nursery School Open
100387 New River College KS3 Closed
100388 New River College Primary Open
100389 Ecclesbourne Class Base (East) Closed
100390 Thornhill Class Base (West) Closed
100391 New River College Secondary Open
100392 Special Learning Centre (Secondary Base) Closed
100393 William Tyndale Class Base (South) Closed
100394 Yerbury Class Base (North) Closed
100395 Lough Road Class Base (Central) Closed
100396 Ring Cross Primary School Closed
100397 Ambler Primary School and Children's Centre Open
100398 Canonbury Junior School Closed
100399 Canonbury Infants' School Closed
100400 Charles Lamb Primary School Closed
100401 Copenhagen Primary School Open
100402 Drayton Park Primary School Open
100403 Duncombe Primary School Open
100404 Ecclesbourne Primary School Closed
100405 Gillespie Primary School Open
100406 Grafton Primary School Open
100407 Hanover Primary School Open
100408 Hargrave Park Primary School Open
100409 Hugh Myddelton Junior School Closed
100410 Hugh Myddelton Infant School Closed
100411 Laycock Primary School Open
100412 Montem Junior School Closed
100413 Montem Infant School Closed
100414 Moorfields Primary School Closed
100415 Moreland Primary School Open
100416 Newington Green Junior School Closed
100417 Newington Green Infant School Closed
100418 Pakeman Primary School Open
100419 Angel Primary School Closed
100420 Poole's Park Junior School Closed
100421 Poole's Park Infant School Closed
100422 Robert Blair School Open
100423 Rotherfield Junior School Closed
100424 Rotherfield Infant School Closed
100425 Thornhill Primary School Open
100426 Vittoria Primary School Open
100427 William Tyndale Primary School Closed
100428 Winton Primary School Open
100429 Yerbury Primary School Open
100430 Tufnell Park Primary School Open
100431 Highbury Quadrant Primary School Open
100432 Ashmount Primary School Open
100433 Ashmount Infant School Closed
100434 Prior Weston Primary School and Children's Centre Open
100435 Hungerford Primary School and Children's Centre Open
100436 Clerkenwell Parochial CofE Primary School Open, but proposed to close
100437 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Open
100438 St John Evangelist RC Primary School Open
100439 St John's Upper Holloway CofE Primary School Open
100440 St John's Highbury Vale CofE Primary School Open
100441 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Open
100442 St Jude and St Paul's CofE Primary School Open
100443 St Luke's CofE Primary School Open
100444 St Mark's CofE Primary School Open
100445 St Mary Magdalene CofE Primary School Closed
100446 St Mary's CofE Primary School Open
100447 St Peter and St Paul RC Primary School Open
100448 St Andrew's (Barnsbury) Church of England Primary School Open
100449 St Joan of Arc RC Primary School Open
100450 Christ The King RC Primary School Open
100451 Blessed Sacrament RC Primary School Open
100452 Highbury Grove School Open, but proposed to close
100453 Holloway School Open
100454 Islington Green School Closed
100455 Highbury Fields School Open
100456 George Orwell School Closed
100457 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School Open
100458 Central Foundation Boys' School Open
100459 St Aloysius RC College Open
100460 Mount Carmel Catholic College for Girls Open
100461 Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts Open
100462 Dallington School Open
100464 Primrose Independent School Closed
100465 Holly Park Montessori School Closed
100466 The Metropolitan Theatre School Closed
100467 Richard Cloudesley School Open
100468 Colebrooke School Closed
100469 Samuel Rhodes MLD School Open
100470 Harborough Aut School Closed
100471 Rosemary Sld School Closed
126633 Hungerford Junior School Closed
126634 Hungerford Infant School Closed
126635 Newcourt Centre Christian School Closed
126636 Classes Francophones De Londres Closed
126637 Coombe Hall School Closed
130243 The Children's House Upper School Open
131050 Mulberry Bush Kindergarten of St Paul's Steiner Programme Closed
131218 Montem Primary School Open
131325 Newington Green Primary School Open
131362 St Paul's Steiner School Open
131680 London Meridian Primary and Secondary School Closed
131690 Arts and Media School Islington Open
131732 Beehive School Closed