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Schools: Local authority name Kingston upon Thames

This is Kingston upon Thames in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 314
Local authority name: Kingston upon Thames
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
102559 Fairfield Nursery School Closed
102560 Surbiton Children's Centre Nursery Open
102561 Mecklenburg Pupil Referral Unit Closed
102562 Malden Oaks PRU Open
102563 Castle Hill Primary School Closed
102564 Burlington Junior School Open
102565 Burlington Infant and Nursery School Open
102566 Moor Lane Junior School Closed
102567 Coombe Hill Infant School Open
102568 Ellingham Primary School Open
102569 Green Lane Primary and Nursery School Open
102570 Knollmead Primary School Closed
102571 Latchmere School Closed
102572 Latchmere Infant School Closed
102573 Robin Hood Primary School Open
102574 Tolworth Junior School Open
102575 Tolworth Infant and Nursery School Open
102576 Coombe Hill Junior School Open
102577 Maple Infants' School Open
102578 Alexandra School Open
102579 King Athelstan Primary School Open
102580 Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School Open
102581 Malden Manor Primary and Nursery School Open
102582 King's Oak Primary School Open
102583 Lovelace Primary School Open
102584 Christ Church CofE Junior School Closed
102585 Christ Church New Malden CofE Primary School Open
102586 Christ Church CofE Primary School Open
102587 Malden Parochial CofE Primary School Open
102588 St Andrew's and St Mark's CofE Junior School Open
102589 St John's C of E Primary School Open
102590 St Paul's CofE Primary School Open
102591 St Paul's CofE Primary School, Kingston Hill Open
102592 St Matthew's CofE Primary School Open
102593 St Mary's CofE (Aided) Primary School Open
102594 Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Open
102595 Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School Open
102596 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Open
102597 St Agatha's Catholic Primary School Closed
102598 Coombe Girls' School Closed
102599 Chessington Community College Open
102600 The Hollyfield School and Sixth Form Centre Closed
102601 Southborough High School Closed
102602 The Tiffin Girls' School Closed
102603 Tolworth Girls' School and Centre for Continuing Education Closed
102604 St Luke's CofE Primary School Open
102605 Tiffin School Closed
102606 Richard Challoner School Closed
102607 The Holy Cross School Closed
102608 Coombe Boys' School Closed
102609 Holy Cross Preparatory School Open
102610 Shrewsbury House School Open
102611 Surbiton High School Open
102612 Rokeby School Open
102613 Bretby House School Closed
102614 Linley House School Closed
102615 Marymount International School Open
102616 Park Hill School Open
102617 Study School Open
102618 Westbury House School Open
102619 Kingston Grammar School Open
102620 Canbury School Open
102621 Bedelsford School Closed
102622 St Philip's School Closed
102623 Dysart School Closed
126950 Arundel House School Closed
126951 Rokeby Junior School Closed
126952 Marlborough House Nursery School Closed
126953 Hall School Closed
131097 Fern Hill Primary School Open
131351 Educare Small School Open
136615 The Tiffin Girls' School Open
136910 Tiffin School Open
137060 Tolworth Girls' School and Sixth Form Open
137299 Richard Challoner School Open
137575 Lime Tree Primary School Open
137678 The Hollyfield School and Sixth Form Centre Open
137848 Coombe Girls' School Open
137856 St Agatha's Catholic Primary School Open
137859 Coombe Boys' School Open
137917 Southborough High School Open
138459 The Holy Cross School Open
138689 Latchmere School Open
140667 Knollmead Primary School Open
141764 Castle Hill Primary School Open
141862 The Kingston Academy Open
141959 Kingston Community School Open
142687 Bedelsford School Open
142698 Dysart School Open
142740 St Philip's School Open
143425 London Tutorial College Open