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Schools: Local authority name Knowsley

This is Knowsley in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 340
Local authority name: Knowsley
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
104418 Meadow Park School Open
104419 The Sylvester Primary School Closed
104420 Roby Park Primary School Open
104421 Park View Primary School Closed
104422 Longview Community School Closed
104423 Knowsley Village School Open
104424 Beechwood Primary School Closed
104425 Prescot Primary School Open
104426 Halsnead Community Primary School Closed
104427 Malvern Primary School Open
104428 Cherryfield Primary School Closed
104429 Park Brow Community Primary School Open
104430 Simonswood Primary School Closed
104431 Westvale Primary School Open
104432 Millbrook Community Primary School Open
104433 Whiston Willis Community Primary School Open
104434 New Hutte Junior School Closed
104435 Mackets Primary School Closed
104436 Roseheath Community Primary School Closed
104437 Overdale Primary School Closed
104438 New Hutte Infant School Closed
104439 Mosscroft Primary School Open
104440 Nine Tree Primary School Closed
104441 Plantation Primary School Open
104442 Brookside Community Primary School Closed
104443 Southmead Community Primary School Closed
104444 Ravenscroft Community Primary School Open
104445 Blacklow Brow Primary School Open, but proposed to close
104446 Evelyn Community Primary School Open
104447 Eastcroft Park School Open
104448 Kirkby CofE Primary School Open
104449 Cronton CofE Primary School Open, but proposed to close
104450 Halewood CofE Primary School Open, but proposed to close
104451 Huyton-with-Roby CofE Primary School Open
104452 St Gabriel's CofE Primary School Open
104453 St Mary and St Paul's CofE Primary School Open
104454 Holy Family Catholic Primary School Open
104455 St Dominic's Catholic Junior School Closed
104456 St Dominic's RC Infant School Closed
104457 St Aloysiu's RC Junior School Closed
104458 St Aloysiu's RC Infant School Closed
104459 Our Lady's Catholic Primary School Open
104460 St Luke's Catholic Primary School Open
104461 St Laurence's Catholic Primary School Open
104462 St Joseph's RC Junior School Closed
104463 St Aidan's Catholic Primary School Open
104464 St Michael and All Angels Catholic Primary School Open
104465 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Closed
104466 St Marie's Catholic Primary School Open
104467 St Albert's Catholic Primary School Open
104468 Holy Family Catholic Primary School Open
104469 St Mark's Catholic Primary School Open
104470 St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School Open
104471 St Joseph's (Kirkby) RC Infant School Closed
104472 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Open
104473 St Agnes Catholic Primary School Closed
104474 St Brigid's Catholic Primary School Open
104475 St Leo's and Southmead Catholic Primary School Serving the Community Open
104476 St John Fisher Catholic Primary School Open
104477 St Anne's Catholic Primary School Open
104478 English Martyrs' Primary School Closed
104479 Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School Open
104480 St Columba's Catholic Primary School Open
104481 St Margaret Mary's Catholic Infant School Open
104482 St Margaret Mary's Catholic Junior School Open
104483 Brookfield High School Closed
104484 Knowsley Hey Arts College Closed
104485 Ruffwood School Closed
104486 Higher Side Community Comprehensive School Closed
104487 Prescot School Closed
104488 Halewood College Closed
104489 Bowring Community Sports College Closed
104490 St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School, A Specialist Technology College Closed
104491 St Edmund of Canterbury Catholic High School Closed
104492 All Saints Catholic High School Closed
104493 St Thoma's Becket Catholic High School Closed
104494 Parkfield School Closed
104495 Bluebell Park School Open
104496 Highfield School Closed
104497 Springfield/Elms Federation At Bluebell Park Closed
104498 Alt Bridge School Open
104499 Knowsley Northern Primary Support Centre Closed
104500 Knowsley Central School Open
104501 Knowsley Southern Primary Support Centre Closed
127235 Park View Infant School Closed
127236 Overdale County Junior School Closed
127237 Malvern County Infant School Closed
127238 Roseheath County Infant School Closed
127239 Huyton-With-Roby CofE (Aided) Infant School Closed
127240 St Michael's RC Primary School Closed
127241 St Luke's RC Infants' School Closed
127242 Holy Angels Infant School Closed
127243 St Marie's RC Junior and Infant School Closed
127244 St Mark's RC Infant School Closed
127245 Stockbridge Village School Closed
127246 St Paul's High School Closed
127247 Huyton College Closed
127248 Albert Hambleton School Closed
127249 Northfield School Closed
127250 Arncliffe School Closed