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Schools: Local authority name Leicester

This is Leicester in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 856
Local authority name: Leicester
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
119995 Avenue Infant and Nursery School Closed
119996 Avenue Junior School Closed
119997 Bendbow Rise Infant School Closed
119998 Queensmead Junior School Closed
119999 Bridge Junior School Open
120000 Caldecote Infant School Closed
120001 Caldecote Junior School Closed
120002 Catherine Infant School Open
120003 Catherine Junior School Open
120004 Crescent Junior School Closed
120005 Evington Valley Primary School Open
120006 Granby Primary School Open
120007 Green Lane Infant School Open
120008 Queensmead Infant School Closed
120009 Rushey Mead Primary School Open
120012 Humberstone Infant School Closed
120013 Humberstone Junior School Closed
120014 Imperial Avenue Infant School Open
120015 Inglehurst Infant School Open
120016 Inglehurst Junior School Open
120017 King Richard Infant and Nursery School Open
120018 Mayflower Primary School Open
120019 Newry Junior School Closed
120020 Northfield House Primary School Closed
120021 Overdale Infant School Open
120022 Overdale Junior School Open
120023 Merrydale Infant School Open
120024 Merrydale Junior School Closed
120025 St Mary's Fields Primary School Open
120026 Shaftesbury Junior School Open
120027 Southfields Infant School Closed
120028 Wyvern Primary School Open
120029 Montrose School Open
120030 Braunstone Frith Junior School Closed
120031 Braunstone Frith Primary School Open
120032 Rolleston Infant School Closed
120033 Rolleston Junior School and Special Unit Closed
120034 Folville Junior School Open
120035 Uplands Junior School Closed
120036 Uplands Infant School Open
120037 Shenton Primary School Open
120038 Stokes Wood Primary School Open
120039 Wolsey House Primary School Open
120040 Buswells Lodge Primary School Open
120047 Sandfield Close Primary School Open
120050 Barley Croft Primary School Open
120053 Woodstock Primary School Closed
120054 Rowlatts Hill Primary School Closed
120056 Willowbrook Primary School Closed
120057 Thurnby Lodge Primary School and Speech and Language Unit Closed
120063 Abbey Primary Community School Open
120065 Taylor Road Primary School Open
120066 Knighton Fields Primary School and Community Centre Closed
120067 Heatherbrook Primary School Closed
120068 Linden Primary School Open
120069 Eyres Monsell Primary School Open
120071 Hazel Community Primary School Open
120072 Charnwood Primary School Open
120073 Mellor Community Primary School Open
120077 Marriott Primary School Open
120078 Mowmacre Hill Primary School Closed
120081 Whitehall Primary School Open
120084 Spinney Hill Primary School and Community Centre Open
120086 Scraptoft Valley Primary School Open
120087 Beaumont Lodge Primary School Open
120088 Parks Primary School Open
120089 Fosse Primary School Open
120090 Forest Lodge Community Primary School Open
120094 Sparkenhoe Community Primary School Open
120095 Coleman Primary School Open
120100 Herrick Primary School Open
120101 Slater Primary School Open
120103 Kestrels' Field Primary School Open
120107 Alderman Richard Hallam Primary School Open
120108 Medway Community Primary School Open
120186 Belgrave St Peter's CofE Primary School Open
120187 St Barnabas CofE Primary School Open, but proposed to close
120221 Christ The King Catholic Primary School Open
120222 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Closed
120223 Saint Patrick's Catholic Primary School Open
120224 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Closed
120225 Holy Cross Catholic Primary School Open
120226 St Thomas More Catholic Primary School Closed
120230 St John the Baptist CofE Primary School Open
120277 Crown Hills Community College Open
120278 Mary Linwood School Closed
120279 Sir Jonathan North Community College Open
120280 Wycliffe Community College Closed
120281 Beaumont Leys School Open
120282 Rushey Mead School Closed
120283 The Lancaster School Closed
120284 John Ellis Community College Closed
120285 Hamilton College Open, but proposed to close
120286 Soar Valley College Open
120287 Judgemeadow Community College Open
120288 Riverside Business and Enterprise College Closed
120291 Alderman Newton's School Closed
120292 Moat Community College Open
120294 Babington Community College Closed
120295 Mundella Community College Closed