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Schools: Local authority name Liverpool

This is Liverpool in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 341
Local authority name: Liverpool
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
101857 The Academy of St Francis of Assisi Closed
104502 Allenby Square Nursery School Closed
104503 Chatham Place Nursery School Open
104504 East Prescot Road Nursery School Open
104505 Everton Nursery School and Family Centre Open
104506 Ellergreen Nursery School and Childcare Centre Open
104507 Abercromby Nursery School Open
104508 Brookside Pupil Referral Unit Closed
104509 Central Liverpool Pupil Referral Unit Closed
104510 South Liverpool Pupil Referral Unit Closed
104511 The Kingsway Educational Guidance Unit Closed
104512 Toxteth Pupil Referral Unit Closed
104513 Anfield Junior School Closed
104514 Anfield Infant School Closed
104515 Arnot Community Primary School Closed
104516 Banks Road Primary School Open
104517 Barlows Primary School Open
104518 Beaufort Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104519 Belle Vale Community Primary School Open
104520 Birchfield Primary School Closed
104521 Blackmoor Park Junior School Open
104522 Booker Avenue Junior School Open
104523 Kensington Infants' School Closed
104524 Breckfield Primary School Closed
104525 Broad Square Junior School Closed
104526 Broad Square Infant School Closed
104527 Butler Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104528 Mab Lane County Junior School Closed
104529 Chatsworth Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104530 Corinthian Community Primary School Open
104531 Dovecot Junior School Closed
104532 Dovecot Infants' School Closed
104533 Dovedale Junior School Closed
104534 Dovedale Infant School Closed
104535 Earle Primary School Closed
104536 Fazakerley Junior School Closed
104537 Fazakerley Infant School Closed
104538 Colwell County Junior Mixed Department School Closed
104539 Colwell Road Infant School Closed
104540 Maidford Primary School Closed
104541 Florence Melly Junior School Closed
104542 Florence Melly Infant and Nursery School Closed
104543 Gilmour Junior School Open
104544 Gilmour (Southbank) Infant School Open
104545 Springwood Heath Primary School Open
104546 Granby Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104547 Heygreen Community Primary School Closed
104548 Joseph Williams Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104549 Hunts Cross Primary School Open
104550 Knotty Ash Primary School Open
104551 Leamington Junior School Closed
104552 Leamington Infants' School Closed
104553 Lidderdale Infant and Nursery School Closed
104554 Lister Junior School Open
104555 Lister Infant and Nursery School Open
104556 Major Lester Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104557 Matthew Arnold Primary School Open
104558 Monksdown Junior School Closed
104559 Monksdown Community Infant School Closed
104560 Morrison School Closed
104561 Mosspits Junior School Closed
104562 Mosspits Infant School Closed
104563 Newsham Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104564 Northcote Primary School Open
104565 Northway Primary and Nursery School Open
104566 Parkhill Primary School Closed
104567 Pinehurst Junior School Closed
104568 Pinehurst Infant School Closed
104569 Pleasant Street Primary School Open
104570 Whitefield Primary School Open
104571 Ranworth Square Primary School Open
104572 Rathbone Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104573 Roscoe Junior School Closed
104574 Roscoe Infants' School Closed
104575 Rudston Junior School Closed
104576 St Michael-In-the-Hamlet Junior School Closed
104577 St Michael-In-the-Hamlet Infant School Closed
104578 Stockton Wood Junior School Closed
104579 Stockton Wood Infant School Closed
104580 Sudley Infant School Open
104581 Tiber Street Junior School Closed
104582 Tiber Street Infant School Closed
104583 Eileen Craven Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104584 Longmoor Infant and Nursery School Closed
104585 Rice Lane Junior School Closed
104586 Rice Lane Infant and Nursery School Closed
104587 Wellesbourne Junior School Closed
104588 Wellesbourne Infant and Nursery School Closed
104589 Windsor Community Primary School Open
104590 Alderwood Junior School Closed
104591 Middlefield Community Primary School Open
104592 Blackmoor Park Infants' School Open
104593 Booker Avenue Infant School Open
104594 Woolton Junior School Closed
104595 Childwall Valley Primary School Closed
104596 Sudley Junior School Open
104597 Alderwood Infant School Closed
104598 Rudston Infant School Closed
104599 Woolton Infants' School Closed
104600 Norman Pannell School Open