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Schools: Local authority name Luton

This is Luton in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 821
Local authority name: Luton
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
109418 Hart Hill Nursery School and Childrens Centre Open
109419 Rothesay Nursery School Open
109420 Grasmere Nursery School Open
109421 Chapel Street Nursery School Open
109423 Pastures Way Nursery School Open
109425 Orchard Centre Closed
109530 Beechwood Junior School Closed
109531 Beechwood Infant School Closed
109532 Chantry Junior School Closed
109533 Chantry Infant School Closed
109534 Denbigh Primary School Open
109535 Denbigh Infant School Closed
109536 Dallow Primary School Closed
109537 Dallow Infant School Closed
109538 Farley Junior School Open
109539 Ferrars Infant School Closed
109540 Ferrars Junior School Open
109543 Icknield Primary School Closed
109544 Leagrave Junior School Closed
109545 Leagrave Infant School Closed
109546 Maidenhall Primary School Open
109547 Maidenhall Infant School Closed
109548 Norton Road Primary School Open
109549 Ramridge Junior School Closed
109550 Ramridge Infant School Closed
109551 St Matthew's Junior School Closed
109552 St Matthew's Primary School Open
109553 Stopsley Community Primary School Open
109554 Stopsley Infant School Closed
109555 Sundon Park Junior School Open
109556 Cheynes Infant School Open
109557 Tennyson Road Primary School Open
109558 The Meads Primary School Open
109559 Whipperley Infant School Closed
109560 William Austin Junior School Open
109561 Bushmead Junior School Closed
109562 Warden Hill Junior School Open
109563 Putteridge Junior School Closed
109564 Putteridge Primary School Open
109565 Waulud Infant School Closed
109566 Downside Junior School Closed
109567 Downside Primary School Open
109568 Waulud Junior School Closed
109569 Bushmead Infant School Closed
109570 Warden Hill Infant School Open
109571 Surrey Street Primary School Open
109572 Foxdell Infant School Open
109573 Pirton Hill Junior School Closed
109574 Pirton Hill Primary School Open
109575 Someries Junior School Open
109576 Whitefield Primary School Open
109577 Foxdell Junior School Open
109578 Hillborough Junior School Open
109579 Icknield Primary School Open
109580 Southfield Primary School Open
109581 Hillborough Infant School Open
109582 Southfield Infant School Closed
109583 Someries Infant School Open
109584 William Austin Infant School Open
109586 Whitefield Infant School Closed
109588 Wigmore Primary School Open
109594 Bramingham Primary School Open
109633 Wenlock CofE Junior School Open
109634 St Margaret of Scotland Primary School Closed
109635 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Open
109636 St Joseph's RC Infant School Closed
109637 Sacred Heart RC Junior School Closed
109638 St Margaret of Scotland RC VA Infant School Closed
109639 St Martin de Porres Primary School Closed
109640 Sacred Heart Primary School Open
109641 St Martin De Porres RC VA Infant School Closed
109681 Challney High School for Boys and Community College Closed
109682 Challney High School for Girls Closed
109683 Denbigh High School Closed
109684 Halyard High School Closed
109685 Putteridge High School Closed
109686 Lealands High School Open
109691 South Luton High School Closed
109699 Cardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Science College Closed
109702 Crawley Green Infant School Open
109707 Ashcroft High School Open
109709 Lea Manor High School Performing Arts College Open
109711 Icknield High School Closed
109713 Stopsley High School Open
109725 Broadmead School Closed
109726 Kings House Preparatory School and Nursery Open
109743 Richmond Hill School Open
109744 Woodlands Secondary School Open
109745 Lady Zia Wernher School Open
130331 Rabia Girls' and Boys' School Open
131089 Beech Hill Community Primary School Open
131174 Lea Bank Nursery Closed
131175 The Gill Blowers Nursery School Open
131393 Hart Hill Primary School Closed
131614 Luton Education, Tuition and Guidance Centre Closed
131825 Olive Tree Primary School Open
131850 Waulud Primary School Open
131851 Leagrave Primary School Open
131877 Chantry Primary School Closed
132046 Moorlands Pre-Preparatory School Closed