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Schools: Local authority name Merton

This is Merton in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 315
Local authority name: Merton
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
101069 Willington School Open
102624 Alfred Mizen First School Closed
102625 Benedict Primary School Closed
102626 Bond Primary School Open
102627 Bushey First School Closed
102628 Dundonald Primary School Open
102629 Garfield Primary School Open
102630 Moreton Green First School Closed
102631 Beecholme Primary School Closed
102632 Hatfeild Primary School Open
102633 Hollymount School Open
102634 Joseph Hood Primary School Open
102635 Links Primary School Open
102636 Lonesome Primary School Open
102637 Malmesbury First School Closed
102638 Merton Abbey Primary School Open
102639 Merton Park Primary School Open
102640 Morden Primary School Open
102641 Tudor First School Closed
102642 Pelham Primary School Open
102643 Haslemere Primary School Open
102644 Poplar Primary School Open
102645 St Mark's Primary School Open
102646 The Sherwood School Open
102647 Singlegate Primary School Open
102648 Wimbledon Park Primary School Open
102649 Abbotsbury Primary School Open
102650 Greenwood First School Closed
102651 Harland First School Closed
102652 West Wimbledon Primary School Open
102653 Cranmer Primary School Open
102654 Gorringe Park Primary School Open
102655 Hillcross Primary School Open
102656 Liberty Primary Open
102657 Malmesbury Middle School Closed
102658 Morden Farm Middle School Closed
102659 Park House Middle School Closed
102660 Stanford Primary School Open
102661 William Morris Primary School Open
102662 Wimbledon Chase Primary School Open
102663 All Saints' CofE Primary School Open
102664 St Matthew's CofE Primary School Open
102665 Holy Trinity CofE Primary School Open
102666 Bishop Gilpin CofE Primary School Open
102667 St Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School Open
102668 Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Open
102669 St Teresa's Catholic Primary School Open
102670 St Mary's Catholic Primary School Open
102671 St John Fisher RC Primary School Open
102672 The Priory CofE School Open
102673 Ricards Lodge High School Open
102674 Raynes Park High School Open
102675 Watermeads High School Closed
102676 Eastfields High School Closed
102677 Rowan High School Closed
102678 Tamworth Manor High School Closed
102679 Rutlish School Open
102680 St Thoma's of Canterbury Catholic Middle School Closed
102681 Wimbledon College Open
102682 St Catherine's Catholic Middle School Closed
102683 Ursuline High School Wimbledon Open
102684 King's College School Open
102685 The Rowans School Open
102686 Ursuline Preparatory School Open
102687 Donhead Preparatory School Open
102688 Hazelhurst School for Girls Closed
102689 The Study Preparatory School Open
102690 Wimbledon Common Preparatory School Open
102691 Wimbledon House School Closed
102692 Wimbledon High School Open
102693 The Norwegian School in London Open
102694 Blossom House School Open
102695 St Matthew's Montessori School Closed
102696 Cambridge House School Closed
102697 Melrose School Open
102698 Perseid School Open
102699 Cricket Green School Open
109774 Date Valley School Open
126954 Canterbury County Primary School Closed
126955 Gorringe Park Middle School Closed
126956 Bushey County Middle School Closed
126957 Malmesbury County Middle School Closed
126958 Cranmer County Middle School Closed
126959 Morden Farm Middle School Closed
126960 Park House Middle School Closed
126961 William Morris Middle School Closed
126962 Wimbledon Chase County Middle School Closed
126963 Stanford County Middle School Closed
126964 Hillcross County Middle School Closed
126965 Willows County High School Closed
126966 Liberty County Middle School Closed
126967 Merton Sixth Form College Closed
126968 Priory CofE Middle School Closed
126969 The Pre-Preparatory School Closed
126970 St Matthew's Montessori School Closed
126971 Emmanuel Home School Closed
126972 Ravensbury School Closed
126973 William Wilberforce School Closed
131101 Futures Ahead Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory School Closed
131147 Elms Independent School Closed