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Schools: Local authority name Milton Keynes

This is Milton Keynes in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 826
Local authority name: Milton Keynes
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
110197 Knowles Nursery School Open
110204 Manor Road Resource Centre Closed
110210 Knowles Junior School Closed
110211 Knowles Infant School Closed
110212 Bow Brickhill First School Closed
110213 Castlethorpe First School Open
110226 Emberton School Open
110230 Hanslope Primary School Open
110231 Haversham Village School Open
110240 Oldbrook First School Open
110242 Lavendon School Open
110245 New Bradwell School Open, but proposed to close
110246 Olney Infant School Closed
110252 Russell Street School Open
110256 Bushfield School Open
110257 Wyvern School Open
110259 Alex Campbell Middle School Closed
110262 Eaton Mill Primary School Closed
110264 Castles First School Closed
110267 Rickley Junior School Closed
110272 Rivers Infant School Closed
110290 Holne Chase Primary School Open
110312 Wellsmead Junior School Closed
110315 Lovat School Closed
110322 Water Hall Primary School Closed
110327 Barleyhurst Park Primary Open
110330 Pepper Hill School Open
110331 Watling Way Middle School Closed
110334 Riverside First School Closed
110345 Greenleys First School Open
110346 Copperfield Middle School Closed
110348 Simpson School Closed
110352 Olney Middle School Closed
110354 Langland Community School Open
110355 Falconhurst School Open
110361 Moorland Primary School Open
110362 Cornhill First School Closed
110363 Southwood School Open
110364 Watling Way First School Closed
110365 Stanton School Open
110366 Great Linford Primary School Open
110367 Greenleys Junior School Open, but proposed to close
110368 Wood End First School Open
110369 Bradwell Village School Open
110370 Orchard School Closed
110371 Brooksward Middle School Closed
110372 Downs Barn School Open
110373 Meadfurlong School Closed
110375 Germander Park School Open
110377 Brooksward First School Closed
110378 Shepherdswell School Closed
110379 The Willows School and Early Years Centre Open
110380 Priory Common School Open
110381 Giffard Park Primary School Open
110382 Heelands School Open
110383 Penwith School Closed
110384 Ashbrook School Open
110385 Summerfield School Open
110386 Portfields First School Closed
110387 Portfields County Middle School Closed
110388 Willen Primary School Open
110389 Heronsgate School Closed
110390 Loughton School Closed
110392 Holmwood School Open
110394 Caroline Haslett Primary School Open
110395 Green Park School Open
110399 Cedars Primary School Open
110400 Glastonbury Thorn School Open
110401 Abbeys Primary School Open
110402 Kents Hill School Closed
110404 Cold Harbour Church of England School Open
110405 Newton Blossomville Church of England School Open
110406 North Crawley CofE School Open
110407 Sherington Church of England School Open
110408 Stoke Goldington Church of England School Open
110439 St Mary's Wavendon CofE Primary Open
110443 St Andrew's CofE Infant School Open
110472 St Mary and St Giles Church of England School Open
110476 St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School Open
110481 Bishop Parker Catholic School Open
110482 St Monica's Catholic Primary School Open
110483 St Mary Magdalene Catholic Primary School Open
110487 Ousedale School Closed
110498 Denbigh School Closed
110502 Leon School and Sports College Closed
110507 Sir Frank Markham Community School Closed
110517 St Paul's Catholic School Open
110525 Two Mile Ash School Closed
110526 Stantonbury Campus Closed
110527 Stantonbury Campus South Closed
110531 Lord Grey School Open
110532 The Radcliffe School Open
110565 Milton Keynes Preparatory School Open
110567 The Webber Independent School Open
110568 Gyosei International School Uk Closed
110571 The Grove Independent School Open
110572 Filgrave School Closed
110575 White Spire School Open
110580 Romans Field School Open
110584 The Walnuts School Open