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Schools: Local authority name Newham

This is Newham in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 316
Local authority name: Newham
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
102700 Edith Kerrison Nursery School Open
102701 Kay Rowe Nursery School Open
102702 Rebecca Cheetham Nursery and Children's Centre Open
102703 Ronald Openshaw Nursery School Open
102704 St Stephen's Nursery School Open
102705 Sheringham Nursery School & Children's Centre Open
102706 Oliver Thomas Nursery School Open
102707 Oasis Nursery School Closed
102708 Tunmarsh School Open
102709 Altmore Infant School Open
102710 Avenue Primary School Open
102711 Brampton Primary School Open
102712 Carpenters Primary School Open
102713 Central Park Junior School Closed
102714 Central Park Infant School Closed
102715 Curwen Primary and Nursery School Open, but proposed to close
102716 Dersingham Primary School Open
102717 Drew Primary School Closed
102718 Earlham Primary School Open
102719 Elmhurst Primary School Open
102720 Gainsborough Primary School Closed
102721 Godwin Junior School Open
102722 Woodgrange Infant School Open
102723 Grange Primary School Open
102724 Hallsville Primary School Open
102725 Keir Hardie Primary School Open
102726 Hartley Primary School Closed
102727 Kensington Primary School Open, but proposed to close
102728 Lathom Junior School Open
102729 Manor Primary School Open
102730 Maryland Primary School Open
102731 Monega Primary School Open
102732 Ranelagh Primary School Open, but proposed to close
102733 Nelson Primary School Open
102734 New City Primary School Open
102735 Odessa Infant School Open
102736 Park Primary School Open
102737 Portway Junior School Closed
102738 Portway Infant School Closed
102739 Ravenscroft Primary School Closed
102740 Roman Road Primary School Open
102741 Rosetta Primary School Open
102742 Salisbury Primary School Open
102743 Sandringham Infant School Closed
102744 Shaftesbury Primary School Open
102745 William Davies Primary School Open
102746 Star Primary School Open
102747 Storey Primary School Closed
102748 St Stephen's Primary School Open, but proposed to close
102749 Tollgate Primary School Closed
102750 Upton Cross Primary School Closed
102751 Winsor Primary School Open
102752 Colegrave Primary School Open
102753 Sheringham Primary School Closed
102754 Selwyn Primary School Closed
102755 Southern Road Primary School Open
102756 Sandringham Junior School Closed
102757 Scott Wilkie Primary School Open
102758 Calverton Primary School Open
102759 Ellen Wilkinson Primary School Open
102760 Cleves Primary School Closed
102761 North Beckton Primary School Open
102762 Vicarage Primary School Open
102763 Essex Primary School Open
102764 St James' CofE Junior School Open
102765 West Ham Church Primary School Open
102766 St Luke's Primary School Open
102767 St Antony's RC Junior School Closed
102768 St Antony's Infant School Closed
102769 St Edward's Catholic Primary School Open
102770 St Francis' Catholic Primary School Open
102771 St Helen's Catholic Primary School Closed
102772 St Joachim's RC Primary School Closed
102773 St Michael's Catholic Primary School Open
102774 St Winefride's RC Primary School Open
102775 Forest Gate Community School Closed
102776 Little Ilford School Open
102777 Rokeby School Open, but proposed to close
102778 Lister Community School Open, but proposed to close
102779 Woodside Community School Closed
102780 Langdon School Closed
102781 Brampton Manor School Closed
102782 Plashet School Open
102783 The Cumberland School Open
102784 Eastlea Community School Open
102785 Sarah Bonnell School Open, but proposed to close
102786 St Angela's Ursuline School Open
102787 St Bonaventure's RC School Open
102788 Stratford School Closed
102789 Grangewood Independent School Open
102790 The Cedar School Closed
102791 John F Kennedy Special School Closed
102792 Beckton Special School Closed
102793 Eleanor Smith School Closed
126974 Avenue Infant School Closed
126975 Brampton Infant School Closed
126976 Curwen Infant School Closed
126977 Elmhurst Infant School Closed
126978 Essex Infant School Closed
126979 Essex Junior School Closed