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Schools: Local authority name North Tyneside

This is North Tyneside in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 392
Local authority name: North Tyneside
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
108562 North Shields Nursery School Closed
108563 Sir James Knott Memorial Nursery School Open
108564 Battle Hill Nursery School Closed
108565 Moorbridge Open
108566 The Young Mothers Unit Closed
108567 Day Tutorial Unit Closed
108568 Senior Tutorial Centre Closed
108569 Cullercoats Primary School Open
108570 Priory Primary School Closed
108571 Waterville Primary School Open, but proposed to close
108572 Percy Main Primary School Open, but proposed to close
108573 King Edward Primary School Open
108574 Spring Gardens Primary School Open
108575 Riverside Primary School Open, but proposed to close
108576 Monkhouse Primary School Open
108577 Whitehouse Primary School Open
108578 Preston Grange Primary School Open
108579 Shiremoor Primary School Open
108580 Backworth Park Primary School Open
108581 Holystone Primary School Open
108582 Westmoor Primary School Open
108583 Rockcliffe First School Open
108584 Appletree Gardens First School Open
108585 Southridge First School Open
108586 Amberley Primary School Open
108587 Bailey Green Primary School Open
108588 South Wellfield First School Open
108589 Marine Park First School Open
108590 Coquet Park First School Open
108591 Langley First School Open
108592 Carville Primary School Open
108593 Western First School Closed
108594 Wallsend Jubilee Primary School Open
108595 Battle Hill Primary School Open
108596 Richardson Dees Primary School Open
108597 Stephenson Memorial Primary School Open
108598 Hadrian Park First School Closed
108599 Redesdale Primary School Open
108600 Whitley Lodge First School Open
108601 Moor Edge Community Primary School Closed
108602 Collingwood Primary School Open, but proposed to close
108603 Balliol Primary School Open
108604 Benton Dene Primary School Open
108605 Forest Hall Primary School Open
108606 Ivy Road Primary School Open
108607 New York Primary School Open, but proposed to close
108608 Denbigh Community Primary School Open
108609 Greenfields Community Primary School Open
108610 Hazlewood Community Primary School Open
108611 Fordley Primary School Open
108612 Burradon Community Primary School Open
108613 Percy St John's CofE Aided Primary School Closed
108614 Christ Church CofE Primary School Open
108615 St Bartholomew's Church of England Primary School (Aided) Open
108616 St Cuthberts Roman Catholic Primary School Aided Open
108617 St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School Aided Open
108618 St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School Aided Open
108619 Sacred Heart RC Primary School Closed
108620 St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School Aided Open
108621 St Stephens Roman Catholic Primary School Aided Open
108622 Star of the Sea RC VA Primary Open
108623 St Aidan's Roman Catholic Primary School Open
108624 St Bernadettes Roman Catholic Primary School Aided Open
108625 St Columbas Roman Catholic Primary School Aided Open
108626 Wallsend St Peter's CofE Aided Primary School Open
108627 Marden High School Open
108628 Norham High School Open
108629 Shiremoor Middle School Closed
108630 High Farm Middle School Closed
108631 Central Middle School Closed
108632 Western Middle School Closed
108633 Westmoor Middle School Closed
108634 Killingworth Middle School Closed
108635 Marden Bridge Middle School Open
108636 Valley Gardens Middle School Open
108637 Monkseaton Middle School Open
108638 Whitley Bay High School Open
108639 George Stephenson High School Open
108640 Burnside Business and Enterprise College Open
108641 Churchill Community College Open
108642 Monkseaton High School Open
108643 Hadrian Park Middle School Closed
108644 John Spence Community High School Open
108645 Longbenton High School Open
108646 Langdale Community Middle School Closed
108647 Seaton Burn College, A Specialist Business and Enterprise School Open, but proposed to close
108648 St Thomas More Roman Catholic High School Aided Closed
108649 Wellfield Middle School Open
108650 The King's School Closed
108652 Woodlawn School Open
108653 Southlands School Open
108654 Ashleigh School Closed
108655 Benton Dene School Open
108656 Parkside School Closed
108657 Percy Hedley School Open
128150 Murton Primary School Closed
128151 Moorhouse Primary School Closed
128152 Hazlerigg First School Closed
128153 Burradon First School Closed
128154 Dudley First School Closed