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Schools: Local authority name Northamptonshire

This is Northamptonshire in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 928
Local authority name: Northamptonshire
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
121782 Ronald Tree Nursery School Open
121783 Croyland Nursery School Open
121784 Highfield Nursery School Open
121785 Gloucester Nursery School Open
121786 Wallace Road Nursery School Open
121787 Whitehills Nursery School Open
121788 Parklands Nursery School Open
121789 Complementary Education Closed
121793 Badby School Closed
121794 Blisworth Community Primary School Open
121795 Boughton Primary School Closed
121796 Bozeat Community Primary School Open
121797 Braybrooke Primary School Closed
121798 Brington Primary School Open
121799 Broughton Primary School Open
121800 Bugbrooke Community Primary School Open
121801 Meadowside Junior School Closed
121802 Byfield School Closed
121803 The Bramptons Primary School Open
121804 Chipping Warden School Closed
121805 Cogenhoe Primary School Open
121806 Collyweston Primary School Closed
121807 Rockingham Primary School Closed
121808 Corby Old Village Primary School Open
121809 Studfall Junior School Open
121810 Studfall Infant School and Nursery Open
121811 Cosgrove Village Primary School Open
121812 Crick Primary School Open
121813 Deanshanger Primary School Open
121814 Denton Primary School Open
121815 Havelock Junior School Closed
121816 Havelock Infant School Closed
121817 Earls Barton Junior School Closed
121818 Ecton Village Primary School Closed
121819 Farthinghoe Primary School Open
121820 Great Creaton Primary School Open
121821 Great Doddington Primary Open
121822 Greatworth Primary School Open
121823 Gretton Primary School Closed
121824 Hackleton Primary School Closed
121825 Hardingstone Primary School Closed
121826 Harlestone Primary School Open
121827 Helmdon Primary School Open
121828 Higham Ferrers Junior School Open
121829 Irchester Junior School Closed
121830 Irchester Infant School Closed
121831 Irthlingborough Junior School Closed
121832 Irthlingborough Infant School and Nursery Closed
121833 Avondale Junior School Closed
121834 Avondale Infant School Closed
121835 Hawthorn Community Primary School Open
121836 Henry Gotch Junior School Closed
121837 Henry Gotch Primary School Closed
121838 Greenfields Community Primary School Closed
121839 Park Junior School, Kettering Closed
121840 Kettering Park Infant School Closed
121841 Kings Sutton Primary School Closed
121842 Little Harrowden Community Primary School Open
121843 Long Buckby Junior School Open
121844 Long Buckby Infant School Open
121845 Maidwell Primary School Open
121846 Middleton Cheney Community Primary School Closed
121847 Nassington Primary School Open
121848 Newnham Primary School Closed
121849 Overstone Primary School Open
121850 Pitsford Primary School Open
121851 John Hellins Primary School Open
121852 Raunds Park Infant School Open
121853 Stanwick Primary School Closed
121854 Roade Primary School Open
121855 Rothwell Junior School Closed
121856 Rothwell Victoria Infant School Closed
121857 Alfred Street Junior School, Rushden Open
121858 Hayway Infant and Nursery School Closed
121859 Newton Road Junior School Closed
121860 Newton Road Infant School Closed
121861 South End Infant School Open
121862 Tennyson Road Infant School Open
121863 Rushton Primary School Closed
121864 Walgrave Primary School Open
121865 Warmington School Open
121866 Weedon Bec Primary School Closed
121867 Croyland Junior School Closed
121868 Croyland Infant School Closed
121869 Finedon Infant School Closed
121870 Park Junior School, Wellingborough Open
121871 The Avenue Infant School Open
121872 Victoria Junior School Closed
121873 Victoria Primary School Closed
121874 Wollaston Community Primary School Closed
121875 Wootton Primary School Closed
121876 Yardley Hastings Primary School Open
121877 Yelvertoft Primary School Open
121878 Exeter Primary School Closed
121879 Towcester Infant School Closed
121880 Grange Community School Closed
121881 Brackley Waynflete Infant School Closed
121882 St James Infant School Open, but proposed to close
121883 Silverstone Infant School Closed
121884 Warwick Primary School Closed