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Schools: Local authority name Plymouth

This is Plymouth in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 879
Local authority name: Plymouth
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
113051 Ham Drive Nursery School and Day Care Open
113052 Plym Bridge Nursery and Day Care Open
113056 Martin's Gate Pupil Referral Unit Closed
113057 Plymouth Tuition Services Years 3 -9 Closed
113058 Plymouth Tuition Service: Young Parent's Centre Closed
113269 Weston Mill Community Primary School Closed
113270 Ford Primary School Open
113273 High Street Primary School Closed
113274 Hyde Park Junior School Open
113275 Hyde Park Infants' School Open
113276 College Road Primary School Open
113277 Knowle Primary School Open
113278 Laira Green Primary School Open
113279 Montpelier Junior School Closed
113280 Montpelier Infants' School Closed
113281 Mount Street Primary School Open
113282 Pilgrim Primary School Closed
113283 Salisbury Road Junior School Closed
113284 Salisbury Road Infants' School Closed
113285 Chaucer Primary School Closed
113286 South Trelawny Primary School Closed
113287 Stoke Damerel Primary School Closed
113288 Stuart Road Primary School Closed
113289 Victoria Road Primary School Open
113290 Whitleigh Junior School Closed
113291 Whitleigh Infants' School Closed
113292 Drake Primary School Closed
113293 Ernesettle Junior School Closed
113294 Ernesettle Infants' School Closed
113295 Plaistow Hill Infant and Nursery School Open
113296 Barne Barton Community School Closed
113297 Pennycross Primary School Open
113298 Lipson Vale Primary School Open
113299 Woodfield Primary School Closed
113300 Mount Wise Community Primary School Open
113301 Manadon Vale Primary School Closed
113302 Austin Farm Primary School Closed
113303 Bull Point Community School Closed
113304 Langley Junior School Closed
113305 Widey Court Primary School Closed
113306 Marlborough Primary School Closed
113307 Morice Town Primary School Closed
113308 Langley Community Infants' School Closed
113309 Leigham Junior School Closed
113310 Leigham Infants' School Closed
113311 Tamerton Vale Primary School Closed
113312 Dunstone Community Primary School Open, but proposed to close
113313 Hooe Primary School Closed
113314 Oreston Community Primary School Closed
113315 Boringdon Primary School Closed
113316 Plympton St Maurice Primary School Closed
113317 Pomphlett Primary School Open, but proposed to close
113318 Woodford Junior School Closed
113319 Woodford Infants' School Closed
113320 Old Priory Junior School Closed
113321 Chaddlewood Junior School Closed
113322 Elburton Primary School Closed
113323 Widewell Primary School Closed
113324 Eggbuckland Vale Primary School Closed
113325 Chaddlewood Infants' School Closed
113326 Glen Park Primary School Closed
113327 Tor Bridge Primary School Open
113328 Yealmpstone Farm Primary School Open
113329 Thornbury Primary School Closed
113332 Plym View Primary School Closed
113333 North Prospect Community School Closed
113334 West Park Primary School Closed
113344 Prince Rock Primary School Closed
113345 Goosewell Primary School Closed
113346 Southway Primary School Closed
113416 Compton CofE Primary School Open
113417 St Andrew's Cof E VA Primary School Open
113418 Mary Dean's CofE Primary School Open
113419 St Edward's CofE Primary School Closed
113483 St Budeaux Foundation CofE (Aided) Junior School Open
113484 St George's CofE Primary School Closed
113485 St Peter's CofE Primary School Open
113486 Plympton St Mary's CofE Infant School Open
113487 Holy Cross Catholic Primary School Closed
113488 Keyham Barton Catholic Primary School Closed
113489 The Cathedral School of St Mary Closed
113490 St Paul's Roman Catholic Primary School Closed
113491 St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Closed
113492 St Peter's RC Primary School Closed
113530 Devonport High School for Boys Closed
113531 Devonport High School for Girls Closed
113532 Plymouth High School for Girls Open
113533 Sir John Hunt Community Sports College Open
113534 Southway Community College Closed
113535 Ridgeway School Closed
113536 Hele's School Closed
113537 Plymstock School Closed
113538 Coombe Dean School Closed
113542 Eggbuckland Community College Closed
113543 Tor Bridge High Closed
113544 Lipson Community College Closed
113545 John Kitto Community College Closed
113546 Tamarside Community College Closed
113547 Stoke Damerel Community College Closed
113549 Parkside Community Technology College Closed