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Schools: Local authority name Portsmouth

This is Portsmouth in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 851
Local authority name: Portsmouth
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
115829 The Brambles Nursery School and Children's Centre Closed
115839 Sevenoaks Pupil Referral Unit Closed
115841 The Highlands Centre Closed
115842 The North End Centre Closed
115843 School Girl Mothers Pupil Referral Unit Closed
116182 Bramble Infant School and Nursery Open
116183 Charles Dickens Junior School Closed
116184 Charles Dickens Infant School Closed
116185 Court Lane Junior School Closed
116186 Meredith Infant School Open
116187 Devonshire Infant School Open
116188 College Park Infant School Open
116189 Meon Infant School Open
116190 Northern Parade Junior School Open
116191 Northern Parade Infant School Open
116192 Cumberland Infant School Open
116193 Solent Junior School Closed
116194 Westover Primary School Closed
116195 Medina Primary School Open
116196 Highbury Primary School Closed
116198 Court Lane Infant School Closed
116199 Solent Infant School Closed
116200 Southsea Infant School Open
116201 Arundel Court Junior School Closed
116202 Arundel Court Infant School Closed
116203 Cottage Grove Primary School Open
116204 Gatcombe Park Primary School Closed
116205 Flying Bull Junior School Closed
116206 Flying Bull Infant School Closed
116207 Langstone Infant School Open, but proposed to close
116208 Copnor Infant School Closed
116209 Milton Park Infant School Closed
116210 Penhale Infant School & Nursery Open
116211 Stamshaw Infant School Open
116212 Wimborne Infant School Open
116213 Langstone Junior School Open, but proposed to close
116214 Copnor Junior School Closed
116215 Milton Park Federated Primary School Closed
116216 Westfield Junior School Closed
116217 Wimborne Junior School Open
116218 Stamshaw Junior School Closed
116219 Isambard Brunel Junior School Closed
116220 Moorings Way Infant School Closed
116221 Fernhurst Junior School Open
116222 Meon Junior School Closed
116223 Craneswater Junior School Open
116226 Manor Infant School Open
116227 Newbridge Junior School Closed
116257 Paulsgrove Primary School Closed
116258 Portsdown Primary School Open
116259 Saxon Shore Infant School Closed
116344 St Jude's CofE Primary School Open
116346 St George's Beneficial Church of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School Open
116384 Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Open
116385 St John's Cathedral Catholic Primary School Open
116386 St Swithun's Catholic Primary School Open
116459 Priory School (Specialist Sports College) Closed
116460 City of Portsmouth Girls' School Closed
116461 Springfield School Closed
116462 King Richard School Open
116463 Mayfield School Open
116476 Admiral Lord Nelson School Closed
116479 St Luke's CofE VA Secondary School Closed
116487 St Paul's Catholic Primary School Open
116491 Lyndhurst Junior School Closed
116497 The City of Portsmouth Boys' School Closed
116505 St Edmund's Catholic School Open
116573 Mayville High School Open
116581 Portsmouth High School Open
116582 St John's College Open
116583 The Portsmouth Grammar School Open
116627 The Futcher School Closed
116628 Redwood Park School Closed
116629 Cliffdale Primary School Closed
116630 Waterside School Closed
116632 East Shore School Closed
116643 Willows Centre for Children Open
130926 Somers Park Primary School Closed
131210 Flying Bull Primary School Closed
131951 Miltoncross School Closed
133357 The Crescent Centre Closed
134881 Mary Rose School Closed
135160 The Victory Primary School Closed
135308 The Harbour School Open
135965 Ark Charter Academy Open
139065 Beacon View Primary Academy Open
139375 Charles Dickens Primary School Closed
139496 Lyndhurst Junior School Closed
139712 The Victory Primary School Open
139713 Ark Ayrton Primary Academy Open
139714 Portsmouth Academy for Girls Open
139967 Cliffdale Primary School Open
140009 Arundel Court Primary School and Nursery Closed
140325 Mary Rose School Open
140605 Miltoncross Academy Open
140624 Madani Primary School Open
140689 Milton Park Primary School Open
140697 Admiral Lord Nelson School Open
140719 The Flying Bull Academy Open
141020 Ark Dickens Primary Academy Open