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Schools: Local authority name Richmond upon Thames

This is Richmond upon Thames in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 318
Local authority name: Richmond upon Thames
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
100367 Corona Theatre School Closed
102882 Windham Nursery School Open
102883 Carlisle Infant School Open
102884 Darell Primary and Nursery School Open
102885 East Sheen Primary School Open
102886 Hampton Hill Junior School Open
102887 Hampton Junior School Open
102888 Hampton Infant School and Nursery Open
102889 Hampton Wick Infant and Nursery School Open
102890 Heathfield Junior School Open
102891 Heathfield Infant School Open
102892 Lowther Primary School Open
102893 Meadlands Primary School Open
102894 Nelson Primary School Closed
102895 Orleans Primary School Open
102896 The Russell Primary School Open
102897 Sheen Mount Primary School Open
102898 Stanley Primary School Open
102899 Stanley Infant and Nursery School Closed
102900 Trafalgar Junior School Open
102901 Trafalgar Infant School Open
102902 Barnes Primary School Open
102903 Collis Primary School Open
102904 Buckingham Primary School Open
102905 Chase Bridge Primary School Open
102906 The Vineyard School Open
102907 St Richard's Church of England Primary School Open
102908 Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School Open
102909 St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School Open
102910 St Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School Open
102911 St John the Baptist Church of England Junior School Open
102912 St Edmund's Catholic Primary School Open
102913 St James's Roman Catholic Primary School Open
102914 St Mary's Church of England Primary School Open
102915 St Stephen's C E Primary School Open
102916 Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School Open
102917 St Mary's and St Peter's Church of England Primary School Open
102918 Bishop Perrin Church of England Primary School Open
102919 St Osmund's Catholic Primary School Open
102920 Archdeacon Cambridge's Church of England Primary School Open
102921 The Queen's Church of England Primary School Open
102922 Grey Court School Closed
102923 Orleans Park School Closed
102924 Hampton Community College Closed
102925 Teddington School Closed
102926 Whitton School Closed
102927 Shene School Closed
102928 Waldegrave School for Girls Closed
102929 Christ's Church of England Comprehensive Secondary School Open
102930 Denmead School Closed
102931 King's House School Open
102932 Lady Eleanor Holles School Open
102933 The Mall School Open
102934 Newland House School Open
102935 The Old Vicarage School Open
102936 St Catherine's School Open
102937 Tower House School Open
102938 Broomfield House School Open
102939 Jack and Jill School Open
102940 Kew College Open
102941 Athelstan House School Open
102942 St Paul's School Open
102943 Twickenham Preparatory School Open
102944 Unicorn School Open
102945 The German School Open
102946 Hampton School Open
102947 The Royal Ballet School Open
102948 The Swedish School Open
102949 The Montessori Pavilion School Closed
102950 The Harrodian School Open
102951 Sunflower Montessori School Closed
102952 Clarendon School Closed
102953 Oldfield House School Closed
102954 Strathmore School Closed
127018 Chase Bridge Junior School Closed
127019 Vineyard Infant School Closed
127020 Vineyard Junior School Closed
127021 Chase Bridge Infant School Closed
127022 Mortlake Green Primary School Closed
127023 The Queen's CofE Junior School Closed
127024 The Queen's CofE Infant School Closed
127025 St Paul's Preparatory School Closed
127026 St Catherine Senior School Closed
127027 Queen Mary's Hospital School Closed
133343 Kew Riverside Primary School Open
133443 Hampton Court House Open
133695 The Pupil Referral Service, Richmond upon Thames Closed
133728 Marshgate Primary School Open
134932 Kew Green Preparatory School Open
135719 Falcons Preparatory School for Boys Closed
136103 Hampton Academy Closed
136104 Twickenham Academy Closed
136208 Richmond Park Academy Open
137018 Radnor House Open
138460 Teddington School Open
138461 Waldegrave School Open
138651 Orleans Park School Open
138825 Grey Court School Open
139121 St Richard Reynolds Catholic High School Open
139122 St Richard Reynolds Catholic Primary School Open