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Schools: Local authority name Rotherham

This is Rotherham in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 372
Local authority name: Rotherham
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
106826 The Arnold Centre Open
106827 Rawmarsh Nursery School and Childrens Centre Open
106828 Aughton Early Years Centre Open
106829 The Blenheim Centre Closed
106830 Redbarn Rowan Pupil Referral Unit Closed
106831 The Masbrough Centre Closed
106832 Badsley Moor Junior School Closed
106833 Badsley Primary School Open
106834 Blackburn Primary School Open
106835 Broom Valley Community School Open
106836 Broom Valley Infant School Closed
106837 Coleridge Primary School Closed
106838 East Dene Primary School Closed
106839 Ferham Primary School Open
106840 Herringthorpe Junior School Closed
106841 High Greave Junior School Closed
106842 High Greave Infant School Closed
106843 Redscope Junior School Closed
106844 Redscope Primary School Open
106845 Kimberworth Community Primary School Open
106846 Meadow View Primary School Open
106847 St Ann's Junior School Closed
106848 St Ann's Infant School Closed
106849 Thornhill Primary School Open
106850 Thorpe Hesley Primary School Open
106851 Herringthorpe Infant School Open
106852 Roughwood Junior School Closed
106853 Roughwood Primary School Open, but proposed to close
106854 Sitwell Junior School Closed
106855 Rockingham Junior and Infant School Open
106856 Canklow Woods Infant School Closed
106857 Canklow Woods Junior School Closed
106858 Sitwell Infant School Open
106859 Aston Fence Junior and Infant School Open
106860 Swallownest Primary School Open
106861 Bramley Sunnyside Junior School Open
106862 Brampton Cortonwood Infant School Closed
106863 Brinsworth Manor Junior School Open, but proposed to close
106864 Brinsworth Manor Infant School Open
106865 Dalton Listerdale Junior and Infant School Closed
106866 Dinnington Junior School Closed
106867 Dinnington Community Primary School Closed
106868 Harthill Primary School Open
106869 Maltby Crags Junior School Closed
106870 Crags Community School Open, but proposed to close
106871 Maltby Hall Infant School Closed
106872 Anston Brook Junior School Closed
106873 Ravenfield Primary School Closed
106874 Rawmarsh Ashwood Primary School Closed
106875 Rawmarsh Rosehill Junior School Open
106876 Rawmarsh Ryecroft Infant School Open
106877 Swinton Fitzwilliam Junior School Closed
106878 Kilnhurst Primary School Open, but proposed to close
106879 Swinton Queen Primary School Closed
106880 Thrybergh Junior School Closed
106881 Thrybergh Infant School Closed
106882 Laughton Junior and Infant School Open
106883 Wales Primary School Open
106884 Kiveton Park Infant School Open
106885 Kiveton Park Meadows Junior School Open
106886 Wath Park Infant School Closed
106887 Wath Victoria Primary School Closed
106888 Aston Lodge Primary School Closed
106889 Dalton Foljambe Primary School Closed
106890 Maltby Manor Junior School Closed
106891 Monkwood Primary School Closed
106892 Swinton Fitzwilliam Infant School Closed
106893 Wath Central Primary Open, but proposed to close
106894 Whiston Junior and Infant School Closed
106895 Bramley Sunnyside Infant School Open
106896 Anston Park Junior School Open
106897 Thurcroft Junior School Closed
106898 Thurcroft Infant School Open
106899 Rawmarsh Monkwood Infant School Closed
106900 Maltby Lilly Hall Primary School Closed
106901 Aston Springwood Primary School Closed
106902 Rawmarsh Sandhill Primary School Closed
106903 Wickersley Northfield Junior School Closed
106904 Brinsworth Whitehill Junior School Closed
106905 Anston Park Infant School Open
106906 Bramley Grange Primary School Closed
106907 Todwick Primary School Open
106908 Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School Closed
106909 Wickersley Northfield Primary School Closed
106910 Rawmarsh Thorogate Junior and Infant School Open
106911 Whiston Worry Goose Junior and Infant School Closed
106912 Maltby Redwood Junior and Infant School Closed
106913 Maltby Manor Infant School Closed
106914 Swinton Brookfield Junior School Closed
106915 Catcliffe Primary School Closed
106916 Swinton Brookfield Infant School Closed
106917 West Melton Junior and Infant School Open
106918 Brinsworth Howarth Primary School Open
106919 Aughton Primary School Closed
106920 Anston Brook Infant School Closed
106921 Anston Greenlands Junior and Infant School Closed
106922 Anston Hillcrest Primary School Open
106923 Thorpe Hesley Infant School Closed
106924 Flanderwell Primary School Closed
106925 Aston Hall Junior and Infant School Closed