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Schools: Local authority name Rutland

This is Rutland in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 857
Local authority name: Rutland
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
120041 Cottesmore Primary School Closed
120042 Edith Weston Primary School Closed
120043 Catmose Primary Closed
120044 Leighfield Primary School Closed
120045 Ferrers Primary School Closed
120046 Brooke Hill Primary School Closed
120177 Empingham CofE Primary School Open
120178 Exton and Greetham CofE Primary School Open, but proposed to close
120179 Ketton CofE Primary School Closed
120180 Langham CofE (Controlled) Primary School Closed
120181 Oakham CofE Primary School Open
120182 Ryhall CofE Primary School Closed
120183 Whissendine Church of England Primary School Closed
120184 Uppingham CofE Primary School Open
120185 Great Casterton CofE Primary School Open
120227 St Nicholas CofE VA Primary School Closed
120228 English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School Closed
120229 St Mary and St John CofE VA Primary School Open
120289 Casterton Business & Enterprise College Closed
120290 Catmose College Closed
120312 Uppingham Community College Closed
120320 Uppingham School Open
120321 Windmill House School Closed
120322 Oakham School Open
120340 Brooke Priory School Open
120355 The Parks School Open
131018 The Shires Open
134938 Wilds Lodge School Open
136530 Catmose College Open
136629 Uppingham Community College Open
137340 Casterton College Rutland Open
137358 Brooke Hill Academy Open
138113 Catmose Primary Open
139481 Leighfield Academy Open
139611 English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School Open
139858 Langham CofE (Controlled) Primary School Open
141234 Ryhall CofE Academy Open
141452 St Nicholas Church of England Primary School Open
141453 Ketton Church of England Primary School Open
141454 Whissendine Church of England Primary School Open
141965 Harington School Open
142401 Cottesmore Millfield Academy Open
142544 Edith Weston Academy Open
142635 The Shires At Oakham Open