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Schools: Local authority name Sandwell

This is Sandwell in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 333
Local authority name: Sandwell
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
103884 Cradley Heath Nursery School Closed
103885 Edith Sands Nursery School Closed
103886 Batmans Hill Nursery School Closed
103887 Whiteheath Education Centre Open
103888 Batmans Hill Unit Closed
103889 The Bridge Centre (KS4 Unit) Closed
103890 Ruskin House Pupil Referral Unit Closed
103891 Hallam Junior School Closed
103892 Beeches Infant and Nursery School Closed
103893 Guns Village Junior School Closed
103894 Guns Village Infant School Closed
103895 Hamstead Junior School Open
103896 Hamstead Infant School Open
103897 Harvills Hawthorn Junior School Closed
103898 Harvills Hawthorn Infant and Nursery School Closed
103899 Hateley Heath Junior School Closed
103900 Hateley Heath Infant School Closed
103901 Joseph Edward Cox Junior School Closed
103902 Joseph Edward Cox Infant School Closed
103903 Kent Close Junior and Infant School Closed
103904 Hollyhedge Primary School Closed
103905 Hargate Primary School Open
103906 Albert Pritchard Infant School Open
103907 Mesty Croft Primary School Closed
103908 Moorlands Primary School Open
103909 Old Park Primary School Open
103910 Park Hill Primary School Open
103911 Tameside Infant School Closed
103912 Tameside Junior School Closed
103913 Wood Green Junior School Open
103914 Burnt Tree Primary School Open
103915 Great Bridge Primary School Open
103916 Jubilee Park Primary School Closed
103917 Locarno Infant School Closed
103918 Locarno Junior School Closed
103919 Ocker Hill Infant School Open
103920 Ocker Hill Junior School Closed
103921 Victoria Infant School Closed
103922 Whitecrest Primary School Open
103923 Eaton Valley Primary School Open
103924 Newtown Primary School Open
103925 Glebefields Primary School Open
103926 Wednesbury Oak Primary School Closed
103927 Holyhead Primary School Open, but proposed to close
103928 Tipton Green Junior School Open
103929 Abbey Junior School Open
103930 Abbey Infant School Open
103931 Albion Junior School Closed
103932 Annie Lennard Primary School Open
103933 Bearwood Primary School Open
103934 Bleakhouse Junior School Open
103935 Brasshouse Infant School Closed
103936 Brickhouse Primary School Open
103937 Cape Primary School Open
103938 Corbett Infant School Closed
103939 Corngreaves Primary School Closed
103940 Victoria Park Primary Closed
103941 Crocketts Community Primary School Open
103942 Devonshire Junior School Closed
103943 Devonshire Infant School Closed
103944 George Betts Primary School Closed
103945 Grace Mary Primary School Open
103946 Highfields Primary School Open
103947 Lightwoods Primary School Open
103948 Moat Farm Junior School Open
103949 Moat Farm Infant School Open
103950 Oakham Primary School Open
103951 Leasowes Primary School Closed
103952 Old Hill Primary School Open
103953 Perryfields Primary School Open
103954 Reddal Hill Primary School Open
103955 Rowley Hall Primary School Open
103956 Springfield Junior School Closed
103957 Temple Meadow Primary School Open
103958 Springfield Infant and Nursery School Closed
103959 Tividale Community Primary School Closed
103960 Tividale Hall Primary School Open
103961 Uplands Junior School Closed
103962 Uplands Infant School Closed
103963 Warley Infant School Open
103964 Whiteheath Infant School Closed
103965 Merry Hill Infant School Closed
103966 Timbertree Primary School Closed
103967 Shireland Hall Primary School Closed
103968 Lyng Primary School Open
103969 Lodge Primary School Open
103970 Joseph Turner Primary School Open
103971 Princes End Primary School Closed
103972 Grove Vale Primary School Open
103973 Fir Tree Primary School Closed
103974 Yew Tree Primary School Open
103975 Charlemont Junior and Infant School Closed
103976 Brandhall Primary School Open
103977 Hall Green Primary School Open
103978 Langley Primary School Open
103979 Ryders Green Primary School Open
103980 Rounds Green Primary School Open, but proposed to close
103981 Blackheath Primary School Open
103982 Ferndale Primary School Open
103983 Causeway Green Primary School Open