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Schools: Local authority name Slough

This is Slough in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 871
Local authority name: Slough
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
109760 Slough Centre Nursery School Open
109761 Baylis Court Nursery School Open
109762 Cippenham Nursery School Open
109763 Lea Nursery School Open
109764 William Penn Nursery School Closed
109765 Chalvey Nursery School & Early Years Centre Open
109767 Wexham Park Teaching Unit Closed
109901 Cippenham Infant School Closed
109903 Godolphin Infant School Closed
109904 Lea Infant School Closed
109905 Western House Infant School Closed
109906 Lea Junior School Closed
109908 Marish Junior School Closed
109909 Claycots Junior School Closed
109910 Claycots Nursery and Infant School Closed
109911 Marish Infant School and Nursery Unit Closed
109912 Thames Valley Community Infant School Closed
109913 Foxborough Primary School Closed
109914 Montem Junior School Closed
109917 Godolphin Junior School Closed
109919 The Montem Infant School Closed
109933 Lynch Hill (Foundation Primary) School Closed
109934 Ryvers Primary School Closed
109935 Parlaunt Park Primary School Closed
109943 Wexham Court Primary School Open
109995 St Mary's Church of England Primary School Open
110000 Colnbrook Church of England Primary School Closed
110035 Our Lady of Peace Catholic Primary and Nursery School Open
110036 Our Lady of Peace Catholic Junior School Closed
110039 St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School Closed
110040 St Anthony's Catholic Primary School Closed
110074 Baylis Court School Closed
110076 Beechwood School Closed
110077 Langleywood School Closed
110078 Wexham School Open
110081 Slough and Eton CofE Business and Enterprise College Closed
110084 St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School Open
110087 St Joseph's Catholic High School Closed
110088 Cippenham Primary School Closed
110089 Priory School Open
110090 Holy Family Catholic Primary School Open
110092 Castleview Primary School Closed
110095 Pippins School Open
110101 Langley Grammar School Closed
110103 Herschel Grammar School Closed
110104 Slough Grammar School Closed
110105 The Westgate School Closed
110160 St Bernard's Preparatory School Open
110162 Long Close School Open
110185 Arbour Vale School Open
110188 Littledown School Closed
110192 Jonathan Miller School Closed
130372 Penn Wood Primary and Nursery School Open, but proposed to close
131236 James Elliman School Closed
131243 Haybrook College PRU Closed
131600 Haybrook College Closed
132089 Claycots School Open
133327 Montem Primary School Closed
134085 Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation Open
134251 Western House Primary School Closed
134360 Slough Activate Closed
134651 Marish Primary School Closed
134778 Khalsa Primary School Open
135099 Iqra Slough Islamic Primary School Open
135631 The Langley Academy Open
136179 Willow Primary School Closed
136420 Upton Court Grammar School Open
136521 Langley Grammar School Open
136951 Langley Hall Primary Academy Open
136955 Madni Institute Open
137010 Lynch Hill School Primary Academy Open
137259 Baylis Court School Open
137287 Slough and Eton Church of England Business and Enterprise College Open
137726 Herschel Grammar School Open
138012 The Westgate School Open
138013 Cippenham Primary School Open
138066 Cippenham Infant School Open
138166 Marish Primary School Open
138192 Ryvers School Open
138319 Godolphin Junior School Closed
138659 Castleview Primary School Open
138731 Godolphin Infant School Open
139198 Willow Primary School Open
139333 James Elliman Academy Open
139567 Colnbrook Church of England Primary School Open
139943 Foxborough Primary School Open
140156 Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy Open
140240 Haybrook College Closed
140241 Haybrook College PRU Closed
140244 Littledown School Open
140335 Montem Academy Open
140857 Western House Academy Open
140994 Parlaunt Park Primary Academy Open
141009 Ditton Park Academy Open
141970 Eden Girls' School, Slough Open
142173 The Langley Academy Primary Open
142607 Haybrook College Open
143327 Beechwood School Open
143802 St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School Open
143803 St Joseph's Catholic High School Open