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Schools: Local authority name South Tyneside

This is South Tyneside in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 393
Local authority name: South Tyneside
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
108658 Elizabeth Diamond Nursery School Closed
108659 Wharfedale Drive Nursery School Closed
108660 Downhill Nursery School Closed
108661 Clervaux Nursery School Open
108662 Dunn Street Nursery School Closed
108663 Helen Gibson Nursery School Open
108664 Cleadon Park Nursery School Closed
108665 Boldon Nursery School Open
108666 Alternative Education Service - The Beacon Centre Open
108667 The Galsworthy Centre Closed
108668 Hadrian Primary School Open
108669 Ridgeway Primary School Closed
108670 Downhill Infants' and Nursery School Closed
108671 Harton Infants' School Closed
108672 Laygate Community School Open
108673 Mortimer Primary School Open
108674 Mowbray Junior Mixed School Closed
108675 Marine Park Primary School Open
108676 Stanhope Primary School Open
108677 Westoe Infants' School Closed
108678 Biddick Hall Junior School Open
108679 Temple Park Junior School Closed
108680 Highfield Infants' School Closed
108681 Temple Park Infants' School Closed
108682 Biddick Hall Infants' School Open
108683 Monkton Junior School Closed
108684 Monkton Infants' School Closed
108685 Ashley Primary School Open
108686 Hedworth Lane Primary School Open
108687 Marsden Primary School Open
108688 East Boldon Infants' School Open
108689 Whitburn County Junior Mixed School Closed
108690 Cleadon Village Junior School Closed
108691 Whitburn County Infants' School Closed
108692 East Boldon Junior School Open
108693 Bede Burn Primary School Open
108694 Valley View Primary School Open
108695 Dunn Street Primary School Open
108696 Harton Junior School Closed
108697 Cheviot Junior School Closed
108698 Simonside Primary School Open
108699 Hedworthfield Primary School Open
108700 Lord Blyton Primary School Open
108701 West Boldon Primary School Open
108702 Albert Elliott Primary School Closed
108703 Lukes Lane Community School Closed
108704 Toner Avenue Primary School Open
108705 Bedewell Primary School Closed
108706 Fellgate Primary School Open
108707 Boldon CofE Primary School Closed
108708 All Saints' CofE Junior School Closed
108709 All Saints CofE Infants' School Closed
108710 Cleadon Village CofE Infants School Closed
108711 St Oswald's CofE Aided Primary School Open
108712 Ellison CofE Junior Mixed and Infants School Closed
108713 St Peter's CofE Primary School Closed
108714 St Mary's CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School Closed
108715 St Bede's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School, South Shields Open
108716 St Gregory's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108717 SS Peter and Paul RC Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108718 St Oswald's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108719 St Aloysius' RC Voluntary Aided Junior School Open
108720 St Aloysius RC Voluntary Aided Infant School Open
108721 St Matthew's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108722 St Mary's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108723 St James' RC Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108724 St Joseph's RC Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108725 St Bede's RC Primary School, Jarrow Open
108726 Harton Technology College Open, but proposed to close
108727 Mortimer Community College Open
108728 Brinkburn School Closed
108729 King George V School Closed
108730 Boldon School Open
108731 Hebburn Comprehensive School Open
108732 Springfield School Closed
108733 Whitburn School Closed
108734 Hedworthfield Comprehensive School Closed
108735 St Joseph's RC Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School Closed
108736 St Wilfrid's RC College Closed
108737 St Anne's High School Closed
108738 Bamburgh School Open
108739 Margaret Sutton School Closed
108740 Oakleigh Gardens School Closed
108741 Epinay Business and Enterprise School Open
108742 Greenfields School Closed
128172 Laygate Nursery School Closed
128173 Brancepeth Road Nursery School Closed
128174 John Paul Nursery School Closed
128175 Mortimer Road Infant School Closed
128176 Toner Avenue County Infant School Closed
128177 Toner Avenue County Junior School Closed
128178 Lukes Lane County Infant School Closed
128179 Fellgate Junior School Closed
128180 Lukes Lane County Junior School Closed
128181 Fellgate Infant School Closed
128182 Bedewell County Junior School Closed
128183 Bedewell County Infant School Closed
128184 Quay County Infants' School Closed
128185 St Bede's Junior School Closed
128186 St Bede's Infant School Closed