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Schools: Local authority name Sunderland

This is Sunderland in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 394
Local authority name: Sunderland
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
108743 Cork Street Nursery Centre Closed
108744 St Columba's Nursery School Closed
108745 Millfield Community Nursery School Open
108746 Houghton Le Spring Nursery School Open
108747 Hetton-le-Hole Nursery School Open
108748 Hylton Red House Nursery School Open
108749 Usworth Colliery Nursery School Open
108750 Hetton Lyons Nursery School Open
108751 Oxclose Nursery School Open
108752 Mill Hill Nursery School Open
108753 Pennywell Early Years Centre Open
108754 Sunderland Pupil Referral Unit Closed
108755 Barnes Junior School Open
108756 Barnes Infant School Closed
108757 Broadway Junior School Open
108758 Grangetown Primary School Open
108759 Diamond Hall Junior School Open, but proposed to close
108760 Diamond Hall Infant School Closed
108761 Farringdon Junior School Closed
108762 Farringdon Infant School Closed
108763 Fulwell Junior School Open
108764 Fulwell Infant School Closed
108765 Grange Park Primary School Open
108766 Grindon Infant School Open
108767 Hasting Hill Primary School Closed
108768 Havelock Community Primary School Closed
108769 Southwick Community Primary School Open
108770 Hill View Junior School Closed
108771 Hill View Infant School Closed
108772 Hudson Road Primary School Open
108773 Pallion Primary School Closed
108774 Quarry View Junior School Closed
108775 Quarry View Infant School Closed
108776 Dame Dorothy Primary School Open
108777 Valley Road Junior School Closed
108778 Valley Road Infant School Closed
108779 Town End Primary School Closed
108780 Bexhill Primary School Closed
108781 Carley Hill Primary School Closed
108782 Downhill Primary School Closed
108783 Willow Fields Community Primary School Open
108784 Mill Hill Primary School Open
108785 East Herrington Primary School Closed
108786 Seaburn Dene Primary School Open
108787 Ryhope Junior School Open
108788 Ryhope Infant School Closed
108789 New Silksworth Junior School Closed
108790 New Silksworth Infant School Closed
108791 South Hylton Primary School Closed
108792 Castletown Primary School Open
108793 Plains Farm Primary School Closed
108794 East Rainton Primary School Open
108795 Easington Lane Primary School Open
108796 Eppleton Primary School Closed
108797 Hetton Lyons Primary School Closed
108798 High Usworth Infant School Closed
108799 Usworth Colliery Primary School Open
108800 Springwell Village Primary School Open
108801 Newbottle Primary School Closed
108802 Columbia Primary School Closed
108803 Hetton Primary School Open
108804 Dubmire Junior School Closed
108805 Dubmire Infant School Closed
108806 High Usworth Junior School Closed
108807 Washington Village Primary School Closed
108808 Donwell Primary School Closed
108809 Barnwell Primary School Closed
108810 Fatfield Primary School Closed
108811 Albany Junior School Closed
108812 Albany Infant School Closed
108813 Oxclose Junior School Closed
108814 Oxclose Infant School Closed
108815 Harraton Primary School Closed
108816 Biddick Primary School Open, but proposed to close
108817 Lambton Primary School Open
108818 Rickleton Primary School Open
108819 Richard Avenue Primary School Open
108820 Holley Park Primary School Closed
108821 New Penshaw Primary School Closed
108822 Marlborough Primary School Open
108823 Burnside Primary School Closed
108824 Hylton Red House Primary School Closed
108825 John F Kennedy Primary School Closed
108826 Shiney Row Primary School Open
108827 Ayton Primary School Closed
108828 Thorney Close Primary School Open
108829 Gillas Lane Primary School Closed
108830 Bernard Gilpin Primary School Open
108831 Redby Primary School Closed
108832 Hylton Castle Primary School Open
108833 Blackfell Primary School Open
108834 Glebe Village Primary School and Nursery Closed
108835 Barmston Village Primary School Open
108836 St Paul's CofE Primary School Open
108837 St Benet's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108838 St Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108839 St Hilda's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School Closed
108840 St Mary's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School Open
108841 St Joseph's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School, Sunderland Open
108842 English Martyrs' Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School Open