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Schools: Local authority name Sutton

This is Sutton in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 319
Local authority name: Sutton
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
102955 Spencer Nursery School Open
102956 Thomas Wall Nursery School Open
102957 The Limes College Open
102958 Bandon Hill Primary School Open, but proposed to close
102959 Barrow Hedges Primary School Open
102960 Avenue Primary School Closed
102961 Camden Junior School Closed
102962 Cheam Common Junior School Closed
102963 Cheam Common Infants' School Open
102964 Cheam Fields Primary School Closed
102965 Cheam Park Farm Junior School Closed
102966 Cheam Park Farm Infants' School Closed
102967 Abbey Primary School Open
102968 Green Wrythe Primary School Closed
102969 Hackbridge Primary School Open
102970 Hackbridge Infants' School Closed
102971 High View Primary School Open
102972 Muschamp Junior School Closed
102973 Muschamp Infants' School Closed
102974 Beddington Park Primary School Closed
102975 Devonshire Primary School Open
102976 Manor Park Primary School Open
102977 Brookfield Primary School Closed
102978 Tweeddale Junior School Closed
102979 Tweeddale Infants' School Closed
102980 Victor Seymour Infants' School Closed
102981 Robin Hood Infants' School Open
102982 Dorchester Primary School Open
102983 Beddington Infants' School Open
102984 Robin Hood Junior School Open
102985 Nonsuch Primary School Open
102986 Foresters Primary School Open
102987 Westbourne Primary School Closed
102988 Amy Johnson Primary School Open
102989 Rushy Meadow Primary School Open, but proposed to close
102990 All Saints Benhilton CofE Primary School Open
102991 Holy Trinity CofE Junior School Open
102992 St Dunstan's Cheam CofE Primary School Open
102993 St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School Open
102994 St Mary's RC Junior School Open
102995 St Mary's RC Infants School Open
102996 St Elphege's RC Junior School Open
102997 St Elphege's RC Infants' School Open
102998 Carshalton Boys Sports College Closed
102999 Carshalton High School for Girls Closed
103000 Greenshaw High School Closed
103001 Highview High School Closed
103002 Glenthorne High School Closed
103003 Stanley Park High School Closed
103004 All Saints Carshalton Church of England Primary School Open, but proposed to close
103005 Stanley Park Junior School Open
103006 Stanley Park Infants' School Open
103007 Wilson's School Closed
103008 Nonsuch High School for Girls Closed
103009 The John Fisher School Open
103010 Cheam High School Closed
103011 Sutton Grammar School for Boys Closed
103012 Wallington High School for Girls Closed
103013 St Philomena's Catholic High School for Girls Open
103014 Wallington County Grammar School Closed
103015 Homefield Preparatory School Open
103016 Ambleside Junior School Closed
103017 Collingwood School Open
103018 Glaisdale School Closed
103019 Seaton House School Open
103022 Sutton High School Open
103023 Stowford College Closed
103024 Carew Manor School Closed
103025 Sherwood Park School Open
103026 Wandle Valley School Closed
127028 Roundshaw Junior School Closed
127029 Roundshaw Infant School Closed
127030 Cheam CofE Junior Boys' School Closed
127031 St Hilda's School Closed
130934 Muschamp Primary School and Language Opportunity Base Open
131103 Culvers House Primary School Open
131104 Overton Grange School Closed
133741 Link Primary School Closed
133742 Link Secondary School Closed
134165 Tweeddale Primary School Closed
134416 The Anchor School Closed
134482 Little Woodcote Centre Closed
134887 Focus School - Kenley & Carshalton Campus Open
135010 Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service Open
135801 Eagle House School Sutton Open
136535 Cheam Park Farm Junior School Closed
136621 Wilson's School Open
136756 Overton Grange School Open
136785 Cheam High School Open
136787 Sutton Grammar School Open
136789 Wallington High School for Girls Open
136795 Nonsuch High School for Girls Open
136796 Westbourne Primary School Open
136797 Carshalton High School for Girls Open
136798 Wallington County Grammar School Open
136799 Carshalton Boys Sports College Open
136800 Greenshaw High School Open
136914 Glenthorne High School Open
137507 Wandle Valley School Open
139722 Carew Academy Open