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Schools: Local authority name Walsall

This is Walsall in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 335
Local authority name: Walsall
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
104134 Sandbank Nursery School Open
104135 Fullbrook Nursery School Open
104136 Rowley View Nursery School Open
104137 Valley Nursery School Open
104138 Millfields Nursery School Open
104139 Lane Head Nursery School Open
104140 Alumwell Nursery School Open
104141 Ogley Hay Nursery School Open
104142 Alumwell Junior School Open
104143 Alumwell Infant School Open
104144 Blakenall Heath Junior School Open
104145 Sunshine Infant and Nursery School Open
104146 Busill Jones Primary School Open
104147 Butts Primary School Open
104148 Chuckery Junior School Closed
104149 Chuckery Infant School Closed
104150 Delves Infant School Open
104151 Edgar Stammers Junior School Closed
104152 Edgar Stammers Infant School Closed
104153 Elmore Green Primary School Open
104154 Green Rock Primary School Closed
104155 Hillary Junior School Closed
104156 Hillary Infant School Closed
104157 Leamore Primary School Open
104158 North Walsall Junior School Closed
104159 North Walsall Infant School Closed
104160 Palfrey Junior School Open
104161 Palfrey Infant School Open
104162 Whitehall Junior Community School Open
104163 Whitehall Nursery and Infant School Open
104164 Bentley Drive Primary School Closed
104165 Beechdale Primary School Closed
104166 Mossley Junior School Closed
104167 Mossley Infant School Closed
104168 Abbey Primary School Open
104169 Lower Farm Primary School Open
104170 Delves Junior School Open
104171 Dorothy Purcell Junior School Closed
104172 Croft Community Primary School Closed
104173 Priory Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104174 Bentley West Primary School Additionally Resourced for Hearing Impaired Open
104175 King Charles Primary School Open
104176 Pinfold Street Primary School Open
104177 Rough Hay Primary School Closed
104178 Salisbury Primary School Open
104179 Kings Hill Primary School Open
104180 Moxley Nursery and Infant School Closed
104181 Albion Road Junior School Closed
104182 Beacon Infant School Closed
104183 Beacon Junior School Closed
104184 Clothier Street Primary School Closed
104185 Elm Street Infant School Closed
104186 Little London Junior Mixed and Infant School Closed
104187 New Invention Infant School Open
104188 Short Heath Junior School Open
104189 County Bridge Primary School Open
104190 Woodlands Primary School Closed
104191 Pool Hayes Primary School Open
104192 New Invention Junior School Open
104193 Caldmore Village Primary School Closed
104194 Allens Rough Primary School Closed
104195 Leighswood Junior School Closed
104196 Rushall Primary School Open
104197 Leighswood Infant School Closed
104198 Whetstone Field Primary School Open
104199 Ogley Hay Junior School Closed
104200 Ogley Hay Infant School Closed
104201 Walsall Wood School Open
104202 Watling Street Primary School Open
104203 Millfield Primary School Open
104204 Castlefort Junior Mixed and Infant School Open
104205 Ryders Hayes Community School Closed
104206 Brownhills West Primary School Open
104207 Radleys Primary School Open
104208 Lakeside Primary School Closed
104209 Redhouse Primary School Closed
104210 Manor Primary School Open
104211 Blackwood School Open
104212 Lindens Primary School Open
104213 Hatherton Primary School Closed
104214 Pelsall Village School Open
104215 Lodge Farm Primary Closed
104216 Greenfield Primary School Open
104217 Meadow View JMI School Open
104218 Harden Primary School Closed
104219 Pheasey Park Farm Primary School Open
104220 Christ Church CofE Primary School Open
104221 Bloxwich CofE Primary School Closed
104222 Little Bloxwich CofE VC Primary School Open
104223 Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School Open
104224 Old Church Church of England C Primary School Open
104225 Rosedale Church of England C Infant School Open
104226 St Giles Church of England Primary School Open
104227 St Michael's Church of England C Primary School Open
104228 St John's Church of England Primary School Open
104229 Birchills Church of England Primary Community School Closed
104230 Blue Coat Church of England Aided Junior School Open
104231 Blue Coat Church of England Aided Infant School Open
104232 St Mary's The Mount Catholic Primary School Open
104233 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School, Walsall Open