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Schools: Local authority name Waltham Forest

This is Waltham Forest in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Local authority code: 320
Local authority name: Waltham Forest
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
103027 Low Hall Nursery School Open
103028 Church Hill Nursery and Childrens Centre Open
103029 College Gardens Nursery Closed
103030 Acacia Nursery Open
103031 Chase Lane Junior School Closed
103032 Chase Lane Primary School Open
103033 Larkswood Junior School Closed
103034 Larkswood Infants' School Closed
103035 Longshaw Primary School Closed
103036 Whitehall Primary School Open
103037 Yardley Primary School Closed
103038 Barclay Junior School Closed
103039 Barclay Infants' School Closed
103040 Church Mead Junior School Closed
103041 Davies Lane Junior School Closed
103042 Davies Lane Primary School Closed
103043 Downsell Junior School Closed
103044 Downsell Primary School Open
103045 Mayville Junior School Closed
103046 Mayville Infants' School Closed
103047 Newport Junior School Closed
103048 Newport School Open
103049 Sybourn Junior School Closed
103050 Sybourn Primary School Closed
103051 Chapel End Junior School Closed
103052 Chapel End Infant School and Early Years Centre Open
103053 Edinburgh Primary School Open
103054 Greenleaf Primary School Open
103055 Henry Maynard Junior School Closed
103056 Roger Ascham Primary School Closed
103057 Selwyn Primary School Closed
103058 Selwyn Infants' School Closed
103059 Handsworth Primary School Open
103060 Thorpe Hall Primary School Open
103061 The Winns Primary School Open
103062 Woodside Junior School Closed
103063 Woodside Nursery and Infant School Closed
103064 Chingford Hall Primary School Closed
103065 Edward Redhead Infant and Nursery School Closed
103066 Edward Redhead Junior School Closed
103067 Riverley Primary School Closed
103068 Woodford Green Primary School Open
103069 Oakhill Primary School Open
103070 Henry Maynard Primary School Open
103071 The Beaumont School Closed
103072 South Grove Primary School Open
103073 Dawlish Primary School Open
103074 Gwyn Jones Primary School Open
103075 George Tomlinson Primary School Open
103076 Thomas Gamuel Primary School Closed
103077 Mission Grove Primary School Open
103078 Coppermill Primary School Open
103079 Stoneydown Park School Open
103080 Buxton School Open
103081 Parkside Primary School Open
103082 The Jenny Hammond Primary School Open
103083 Chingford CofE Voluntary Controlled Junior School Closed
103084 Chingford CofE Primary School Open
103085 St Mary's Catholic Primary School Open
103086 St Joseph's Catholic Junior School Open
103087 St Mary's Catholic Junior School Closed
103088 St Patrick's Catholic Primary School Open
103089 St Saviour's Church of England Primary School Closed
103090 St Joseph's Catholic Infant School Open
103091 St Helen's Catholic Infant School Closed
103092 St Mary's Walthamstow CofE Voluntary Aided Primary School Closed
103093 Tom Hood Community Science College Closed
103094 Frederick Bremer School Open
103095 Connaught School for Girls Closed
103096 George Mitchell School Open
103097 Heathcote School & Science College Open
103098 Norlington School and 6th Form Closed
103099 Warwick School for Boys Closed
103100 Willowfield Humanities College Open
103101 Leytonstone School Open
103102 The McEntee School Closed
103103 Walthamstow School for Girls Open
103104 Rush Croft Sports College Closed
103105 Kelmscott School Open
103106 Holy Family Catholic School Open
103107 Highams Park School Closed
103108 Chingford Foundation School Closed
103109 Whitefield Schools and Centre Closed
103110 Forest School Open
103111 Hyland House School Open
103112 Normanhurst School Open
103113 Forest Preparatory School Closed
103114 Joseph Clarke School Closed
103115 Hawkswood School and Centre Closed
103116 Lea Green School (Special Needs) Closed
103117 Brookfield House School Closed
103118 William Morris School Closed
127032 Cann Hall Junior School Closed
127033 Cann Hall Infants' School Closed
127034 Blackhorse Infant School Closed
127035 Stoneydown Park Junior School Closed
127036 Leyton Senior High School Closed
127037 Sir George Monoux School Closed
127038 William Morris School Closed
127039 Leyton Sixth Form College Closed