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Phase of education: All Through

This is All Through in England, click establishment name, you can browse school detail.

Phase of education: All Through
Urn Establishment name Establishment status
100171 Saint Mary Magdalene Church of England All Through School Open
100590 Woodmansterne School Open
100747 Prendergast Ladywell School Open
100749 Trinity Church of England School, Lewisham Open
100970 St Paul's Way Trust School Closed
101243 Eastbrook School Open
101244 Eastbury Community School Open
102043 Edmonton County School Closed
102856 Seven Kings School Open
103080 Buxton School Open
103096 George Mitchell School Open
103119 St Mary's and St John's CofE School Open
103258 Starbank School Open
103481 Waverley School Closed
105560 Abraham Moss Community School Open
105989 St Ambrose Barlow RC High School Open
107755 Royds Hall Community School Open
107758 Almondbury Community School Open
108059 Carr Manor Community School, Specialist Sports College Open
108076 Roundhay School Open
110516 St Michael's Catholic School Open
111401 The Grange School Open, but proposed to close
112951 The Bemrose School Open
116234 Alderwood School Open
116407 The Westgate School Open
116463 Mayfield School Open
118919 St George's Church of England Foundation School Open
121168 Litcham School Open
122363 James Calvert Spence College Open
123575 St Martins School (3-16 Learning Community) Closed
125279 Royal Alexandra and Albert School Open
128364 Tudor Grange Samworth Academy, A Church of England School Closed
131752 Ark Burlington Danes Academy Open
133306 Al-Hijrah School Open
133554 The Five Islands School Open, but proposed to close
133769 The Business Academy Bexley Open
134314 St Mary Magdalene Academy Open
134369 Alec Reed Academy Open
134798 London Academy Open
135002 Hampton College Closed
135070 Haberdashers' Aske's Knights Academy Open
135073 Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham College Open
135195 Folkestone Academy Open
135242 Ark King Solomon Academy Open
135264 St Matthew Academy Open
135296 William Hulme's Grammar School Open
135364 Swindon Academy Open
135367 Bradford Academy Open
135423 Excelsior Academy Open
135507 Wren Academy Open
135563 The Priory Witham Academy Open
135584 Ark Globe Academy Open
135597 Merchants' Academy Open
135600 Ark Academy Open
135619 Bede Academy Open
135622 Academy 360 Open
135672 The Steiner Academy Hereford Open
135843 Prendergast Vale School Open
135863 Suffolk One Closed
135865 Appleton Academy Open
135866 Dixons Allerton Academy Open
135877 Birkenhead High School Academy Open
135879 The Aylesbury Vale Academy Open
135881 Nottingham Academy Open
135886 Northumberland CofE Academy Open
135896 Holy Trinity Open, but proposed to close
135943 The Ridings Federation Yate International Academy Open
135951 Haberdashers' Aske's Crayford Academy Open
135958 Oasis Academy Hadley Open
135966 Kettering Buccleuch Academy Open
135968 Oasis Academy Shirley Park Open
135981 Bolton St Catherine's Academy Open
136197 The John Wallis Church of England Academy Open
136200 Dartmouth Academy Open
136288 Durand Academy Open
136329 Guru Nanak Sikh Academy Open
136398 The King's (The Cathedral) School Open
136454 Oakgrove School Open
136891 The Piggott School Open
137089 Caroline Chisholm School Open
137093 Dunraven School Open
137106 King's Oak Academy Open
137119 The Hundred of Hoo Academy Open
137141 Serlby Park Academy Open
137274 Bloxwich Academy Open
137306 Hessle High School and Penshurst Primary School Open
137349 St Peter's Catholic Comprehensive School Open
137487 Batley Grammar School Open
137498 Maharishi Free School Open
137753 Bradley Stoke Community School Open
137770 Aylesford School and Sixth Form College Open
137798 Bluecoat Academy Open
138073 DSLV E-ACT Academy Open
138193 Avonbourne College Open
138196 School 21 Open
138214 The Duston School Open
138226 Cobham Free School Open
138227 Avanti House School Open
138266 Reach Academy Feltham Open
138269 Europa School Uk Open