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School: Beverley Walkergate Infant School

This is Beverley Walkergate Infant School in England, the information includes urn, local authority code,local authority name, establishment number,establishment name, street, locality, town, postcode, type of establishment, statutory highest age, statutory lowest age, boarders, sixth form, phase of education, gender, religious character, religious ethos, admissions policy, website address, telephone number, headteacher, establishment status, reason establishment opened, parliamentary constituency code, parliamentary constituency name, region, etc.

Urn: 117826
Local authority code: 811
Local authority name: East Riding of Yorkshire
Establishment number: 2703
Establishment name: Beverley Walkergate Infant School
Street: Walkergate
Town: Beverley
Postcode: HU17 9EH
Type of establishment: Community School
Statutory highest age: 7
Statutory lowest age: 5
Boarders: No Boarders
Sixth form: Not applicable
Phase of education: Primary
Gender: Mixed
Religious character: Does not apply
Religious ethos: Does not apply
Admissions policy: Not applicable
Establishment status: Closed
Reason establishment opened: Not applicable
Reason establishment closed: Closure
Closure date: 31/08/2002